4 Tips to Survive — No, Thrive — As a Single Person During Cuffing Season


Ah, cuffing season. The season in which every stranger seems to be cuddling all around you. Love is in the air, engagement posts are on the ‘gram, and your gag reflex has reached unknown levels of sensitivity.

For single people, cuffing season can be one of the most difficult times of the year, what with family members’ intrusive questions and all the eye-rolling-induced headaches. Don’t worry, though. We get it. It can be rough to be confronted with so much PDA.

But we want you to do more than survive this cuffing season. We want you to thrive. Here’s how to live your best, single life this holiday season.

Treat yourself

Begin by spoiling the most important person in your life: You. Buy yourself a fancy latte, or that new dress you’ve been eyeing. Heck, buy yourself the car you’ve been saving for. Or spring for a $35 manicure and relax in a luxurious bamboo bathrobe. Don’t break the bank or spiral into debilitating debt, but treat yourself to something that makes you smile, whether it’s big or small.

Be the best guest at the party

With cuffing season comes the inevitable onslaught of parties. Your calendar, once filled with the occasional work meeting is now chock full of social engagements, weddings, holiday parties, gender reveals, puppy playdates, and more events that take you away from good, quality couch time.

RSVP to enough of those events to signal you’re not a social shut-in, and then bring the perfect gift to demonstrate you are, in fact, the best guest at the part — and you don’t need a date to prove it.

Personalized wedding gifts are a perfect example. Look for something thoughtful and enduring, like a wine box or keepsake photo box. And for those celebrating the fact that they survived multiple cuffing seasons together, consider a personalized anniversary wine box.

Prioritize your friends

The whole concept of cuffing season puts a lot of emphasis on romantic love while neglecting the fact that friendship is just as, if not more, important. Use this time to reconnect with those who have been there for you the longest.

Gather your friends — only the good ones — for events that make you all truly happy. Whether it’s snuggling in by the fire for a series of hilariously-bad-but-also-kinda-romantic movies or dressing up and dancing until you want to collapse, you and your friends deserve to do what you want without having to worry about a thing.

Date — a lot

Society might have deemed this portion of the year to be cuffing season, but society doesn’t dictate your life. You’re a rebellious, rule-breaking, force-to-be-reckoned with who can’t be told what to do. Reject cuffing season: Take some time to go on a lot of dates with a lot of different people.

Update your dating profile with a new picture. Make the first move. Try something you normally wouldn’t. The most important thing, however, is that you feel in control, you feel safe, and you have fun. If anyone tries to take those feelings away, tell ’em “[Boy, or girl, or person], bye.”