5 Of The Best Binge-Worthy Food And Health Documentaries


In this golden era, where everyone seems to be all the more obsessed with the “hush-hush” behind the largest industry, it’s certainly not a shock to see that documentaries swearing to unveil the reality as to what people eat, why they’re sick and how health-related issues can be solved, are all the rage at the moment!

Most of them even won awards and have had a huge impact on their audience. Fortunately, Netflix comprehends that an array of people must listen to these issues, which is why they have piled up their list accordingly.

Are you trying to cut down on wheat or sugar? Are you pondering about the affects of meat consumption on your body? Or are you simply on the lookout for reasons why you’re falling sick so frequently? It might certainly not be as intricate as finding an accountant that’s right for you but these documentaries will surely delve deeper in the health related topics to unearth surprising answers!

Perhaps, you’re fanatical about the vegan lifestyle, all set to engage with activists or simply motivated to munch through few more veggies every week. No matter where your interests might lie, in the midst of these health, food and nutrition based documentaries, it’s a given that you’ll be enlightened by the end of it.

Here we’ve enlisted 5 best binge-worthy health and food related films for you. Bear in mind, there more documentaries on similar problems – so take these as your jump off point if your interests are piqued!

Forks Over Knives

You may or may not have seen this documentary, but chances are you’d have seen its cookbook in one of your friend’s house. And after taking a look at it, maybe you’ll also want one.

Forks Over Knives is based on the allegations that nearly every degenerative illness could be brought under control or gotten rid of entirely by trimming down the use of animal-based and processed food items.

Whilst a vegan diet might be appropriate for everyone, the point this documentary makes and the facts that backs it up is truly captivating.

What the Health

Directed by the same team as that of ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’, this film walks around the corruption going on between health and pharmaceutical firms, food industry and the government. They are hell-bent on holding back information and letting people fall sick so they can pull in millions or even trillions of money every year.

Though you must surely take the idea of ‘you should follow money’ along with you, it is vital to bear in mind that most of the health-related advice given in a documentary like this must always be taken with a pinch of salt.

In Defence of Food

The documentary In Defence of Food, tags along the chart-topping novelist Michael Pollan, as he gives answer to the most commonly asked question “What should I be eating to stay in shape?”

This uplifting expedition is a pleasant break from the programme-driven flicks that unveil secrets and rather give the problems a human face. This lets people to get onto Pollan’s level as he finds out things that everyone has been pondering about since ages.

If you’re one of us, the sit back, unwind and allow Pollan to slice through all the fanatical, conflicting messages hidden behind diet to make the intake of food easy again.

Lunch Hour

Directed by James Costa, Lunch Hour is a documentary that explores childhood obesity, school food and what adds fuel to the fire (of course, here we’re talking about unhealthy cravings!).

The film shows how kids in school are being served harmful food during their lunch hour and how activists such as celebrity chefs are working to alter just that. Well, in our opinion, one way to reduce that would be getting free vending machines installed in the cafeteria.

Hungry for Change

Documented by the team of Food Matters, Hungry for Change scrutinises food’s addictive nature and the way it’s planned by the big shots of food industry.

The filmmaker squabbles that people have stopped consuming food for nourishment long time back. More often than not these days, people are only eating ‘food-like’ products rather than actual food. This straight from the shoulder documentary would probably help you break away from the recurring headache of following a strict diet and ultimately getting a hold on what you eat.

If you are all about eating proper food and staying in greatshape, then these are the documentaries to add to your watch list So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy some Netflix and chill!