5 Reasons Why You Need An Accountability Partner for Fitness!


When it comes to fitness, there are some of us who love to be the lone wolf and always work out by ourselves. There are certainly tons of benefits to working out alone. It can give you some much-needed time to be by yourself and also give you the flexibility to work out on your terms.

There are, however, many disadvantages to always hitting the gym alone. In fact, some may argue that you’re setting yourself up for failure if you choose to walk the fitness route alone. One of the best ways to maximize your time with physical fitness is by getting yourself an accountability partner.

An accountability partner can come in many forms. It could be a personal trainer, personal coach, training buddy, training group, or even friend that watches from the sidelines. Below are 5 reasons why you need an accountability partner for fitness.

1.More likely to take action

This epitomizes the purpose of having an accountability partner for fitness. The purpose of an accountability partner does exactly what the name implies, and that’s holding you accountable!

A lot of us fail to hit our fitness goals because we’re imperfect creatures. We fail to take action from time to time. Also, for some of us who take action pretty consistently, there are definitely plenty of times when we don’t take the right kind of action or perhaps procrastinate on that action.

By bringing on an accountability buddy, we’re going to naturally be more inclined to take action. It’s easy to skip a workout when no one is holding us accountable, but when our friend is expecting to meet us at the gym, we have a tendency to put forth some extra effort so that we don’t disappoint them.

2.Less lonely

Human beings crave companionship. It doesn’t matter whether you identify as an extrovert or introvert. It doesn’t matter how shy, quiet, or socially awkward you are. We all want to feel accepted, loved, and less lonely. Sure, some of you may prefer to work out by yourself most of the time, but there will be sporadic moments when you feel somewhat lonely.

By having an accountability partner at your side throughout your workouts, that feeling of loneliness will dissipate. An accountability partners fills that void of companionship. They give you someone to both social and share your fitness journey with.

Instead of holding in all your emotions and bearing the burden of every feeling that runs through your vein, you’re going to have someone to share those feelings with. Your accountability buddy can be there to listen to your daily story and share in both your challenges and your accomplishments.

3.Push yourself harder

When you choose to work out with an accountability partner, you will push yourself much harder than you normally do. It’s truly an amazing phenomenon, but people have a tendency to perform significantly better when they’re put in an environment with other people.

It’s definitely an intriguing observation of how the mind can have a profound impact on the performance of our bodies. If you’ve participated in sports before, you’ll definitely empathize with this concept. For example, if you go on a timed 2-mile run by yourself, with nobody else watching you, there’s a slight chance you may perform close to your maximum potential, especially if you push yourself. What if, however, you chose to run a timed 2-mile in a stadium of 2,000 people, with all your friends and family in attendance, cheering you on? Do you think you’d run faster in the first scenario, or in the second scenario?

If someone else is watching you lift weights at the gym and has an understanding of your current level of strength, you will definitely push yourself harder. When someone else is watching us, we have a natural desire to show them what we’re capable of, or, at the very least, strive to not make a complete fool of ourselves.


One of the biggest disadvantages of going to the gym alone is risking your safety. Whether it’s a small injury or a big injury, many people injure themselves at the gym. Having an accountability partner by your side will mitigate your risk of injury.

An accountability partner will be able to spot you on all your exercises. Even if you’re experienced and have been exercising for years, no one is perfect. Even the personal trainers, with perfect form, make mistakes from time to time. All it takes is one slip, or one wrong angle, or one bad rep, to cause harm to your body. Having another set of eyes to monitor your workouts could save you from devastation.

5.More fun

Last, but not least, an accountability partner will make your fitness journey more fun! Let’s face it: after a while, working out by ourselves can get a bit boring. Even all the fitness fanatics who get an absolute adrenaline rush with every single workout can grow weary of their favorite passion. If you’re going to put your body through hours of pain and sweat, why not have the most fun you can while doing it?

Besides companionship, a fitness partner enables you to become more creative and versatile with your workouts. If your accountability partner is around your same level of fitness, you can create some friendly contests between each other. Some fun ideas to try out might include push-up contests, burpee competitions, or two-mile races.

Also, the fun doesn’t have to be contained in a gym. Your workouts can spill out into any form of physical fitness. You and your partner can go dancing, hiking, cycling, swimming, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and a barrage of other fun activites, together. A workout partner might even suggest creative ideas that you never would have thought of!

If you’ve been pounding at your fitness journey alone, highly consider bringing on an accountability partner. You don’t necessarily need to include them on every single workout. Start slow and witness, for yourself, some of the amazing benefits it can manifest.

Whether it’s increasing your level of responsibility, making you feel less lonely, pushing you to your maximum potential, preventing potential injuries, or injecting a spark of fun into your workouts, you’re bound to gain some value from taking on an accountability partner. Give it a shot and you may find yourself never wanting to be a lone wolf again.

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