6 Pro Tips to Make the Most of Arizer Extreme Q & Its Accessories


Vaporizers have taken over the market in the recent past, and there’s no doubt why. Models like Extreme Q Vaporizer have made it simpler and better than ever to vape your favorite material as and when you need.

Thanks to so many powerful and reasonable Extreme Q accessories, you can make the most of this vape easily. However, without some handy tips, your experience might be less than perfect. So here we are with some useful tips to maximize the use of your Extreme Q vape more interestingly.

1:- Heat Fully Before Use

The main thing you have to do when you get your Extreme Q is turn the units heating system on to full power. The purpose behind this is to basically disinfect the unit. During the manufacturing, the vaporizer might have been open to various materials and oils which you will need to flush out before using it. By turning the heat to the max for roughly 20 minutes guarantees all the undesirable buildups are eliminated. This gives you the cleanest vapor.

2:- Heat Little Higher Than Usual

While a few of us view ourselves as vaping experts, there are additionally a developing number individuals taking it up every day. Changing from smoking to vaping can be a troublesome progress. Making sense of your inclinations to temperature, season, vapor thickness can be a long and tedious practice in any case on the off chance that you are an ordeal vaper you will know the temperatures and so forth that work best for you.

When utilizing the Extreme Q, you may need to reset your temperature settings marginally higher as compared to your normal sessions. The purpose behind this is on the grounds the core temperature displayed on the screen is marginally higher than the temperature in the bowl. Set temperature of your Extreme Q vaporizer 10 or 15 degrees higher than ordinary and enjoy!

3:- Grind the Material First

Before loading your Extreme Q chamber, you should first grind your herbs. While every one of us have individual preferences for how finely we want our herbs to be grounded, it is essential to do so to some degree. Grinding your herbs  lets you guarantee the most even airflow and vapor.

By not grinding your herbs, you are giving up both valuable herb and quality vapor. Considering there are so many useful Extreme Q accessories for grinding, it’s stupid  enough not to do it.

4:- Mix Your Herbs

After you have ground, stacked your load, and started to vape, next tip to make the most of your vape is to mix your herbs amid the session. By using the mix tool, give your ground herbs a speedy blend. The need to do this is really not considered sufficiently important; however, by blending your herbs you guarantee all herb you are using is cooked uniformly.

5:- Choose Between Balloon and Whip.

Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer give you the option to choose between a whip vaporizer and a balloon one. While both have their own benefits, think about to what extent you plan to use it and what number of individuals you expect to share it with. The whip style being a quicker technique, it isn’t as reasonable for sharing with multiple people or a group. The fragile glass pieces could be broken by someone less experienced with vaporizers. On the other hand, the balloon can be effectively separated and gone among friends. While it has its advantages, shareability takes impressively longer to use.

6:- Try Low Fan Settings.

By picking the balloon style of vaping, you are bringing the fan into the picture. The fan goes about as a medium of moving the vapor inside the balloon. While you will find multiple fan settings accessible, a little tip is to use the least setting to produce a moderate draw. As you may definitely know, the best nature of vapor can be delivered by taking moderate, misrepresented draws from your vaporizer.

So these are the six main tips that will help you use your Extreme Q vaporizer and accessories like a pro without having to do anything extra!