Addiction Rehab: About Luxury and Executive Rehabs


Addiction rehab centers come in various sizes and shapes. There are low- and no-cost treatment facilities while others are considered luxury and executive rehabs. These facilities usually cost thousands of dollars with expensive amenities and the high-end environment. Most of the affluent clients that enter this type of facility are those that want to enjoy a luxurious setting while undergoing treatment and would want a world-class personalized therapeutic treatment. Moreover, luxury and executive rehabs offer highly confidential treatment services, thus they are top choices for substance addicts that want to conceal their identity and keep their privacy with the utmost measures.

Addiction Rehab Not Everyone Can Afford

The main clientele of luxury and executive addiction rehab facilities are those who are included in the list of the rich and famous in Canada. Exclusive and advanced alcohol and drug therapy and recovery treatments are offered in these facilities which are made private with an upscale environment. There are Canadian rehab centers in this category that charge an average of $25,000 for a single rehab treatment program. Luxury treatment programs are truly expensive but they compensate for the VIP treatment they provide their clients. Insurance plans could only cover a small fraction of the overall costs of this type of rehab program.

About Luxury Rehab

The main focus of the luxury addiction rehab is the provision of a highly confidential facility with the breathtaking, serene, and judgment-free setting. Private rehab centers that are considered luxurious usually maintain a very low profile, catering to clients that want to go through the recovery process without sacrificing the kind of luxurious life they are accustomed to.

There are numerous upscale amenities included in a luxury addiction rehab facility such as services from a nail technician, massage therapist, personal trainer and assistance, aesthetician, gourmet chef, and private nurse. All these services are part of the overall package that you paid for in a luxury rehab facility. There are saunas, workout rooms, and even limousine transportation accessible for the disposable of the client, as long as these do not interfere or go against the addiction treatment program they are in.

High-end addiction rehab centers are mainly for the comfort of the clients and the services that are offered may not be present in ordinary rehab centers. The unique services in most expensive rehabilitation facilities include nutrition management, animal-assisted therapy, and pampering services for a stress-free and relaxing treatment.

About Executive Rehab

This type of addiction rehab basically have everything that you can get from a luxury rehab but it is exclusive for high-profile clients such as business professionals and CEOs, politicians, star athletes, and celebrities. The main goal of this rehab facility is to provide luxury treatment in the most discreet and confidential way possible.

Addiction rehab treatment is for everyone across economic demographics simply because substance abuse and dependence do not discriminate. No matter what economic status you have in society, when you fall prey to drug and alcohol addiction, it would not make any difference because you’ll suffer all the same.

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