Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Which Program Is Best?


There are many programs designed to treat alcohol addiction, and over the years, these treatments have proven effective in helping alcohol addicts get over their addiction. Though, there is still a general misconception about alcohol addiction treatment. It is believed that suffers need both willpower and clinical alcohol addiction treatment to permanently cure alcohol addiction.

Choose Addiction Rehab Toronto today and experience an alcohol free life. Like every other addiction, alcoholism is a neurological disease and it can be treated. There are three main types of treatment plans for alcohol addicts namely: inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient. Each treatment plans comes with its own advantages  and disadvantages, and certain programs are better for certain life situations.

Inpatient Treatment: This type of treatment plan is the best way to treat an extreme alcohol addict.  The inpatient treatment plan is just perfect for effecting a complete change in an alcohol addict. But it takes time and lots of effort. Alcohol addicts must live in the treatment center on a full-time basis for a minimum of thirty days and may possibly extend to as long as ninety days for effective treatment, depending on the complexity of addiction. This treatment plan requires an addict to undergo several hours of different therapies on a weekly basis including individual counseling, group discussions and also attend family therapies. Such therapies are designed to reveal the major cause of the addiction and help addicts to resist the urge to drink alcohol in future. They also help alcoholics form healthy friendships, and repair old friendships. Inpatient treatment creates an enabling environment to permanently cure the addiction. Though very long and procedural, this treatment plan is effective in providing long lasting solution alcohol addiction.

Partial Hospitalization: This treatment plan is also referred to as the day and night program. Unlike the Inpatient treatment plan, partial hospitalization is a plan designed to allow alcohol addicts visit the treatment facility on a part-time basis to help them completely recover and prevent them from returning back to alcoholism.  Addict visits the treatment facility during daytime for therapies and return back home under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Though partial hospitalization is not as intensive as the Inpatient treatment,  but a lot of evidence-based therapies are used.

Outpatient Treatment: Some alcohol addicts only fall back to alcohol only for a short period of time,  while others might be too occupied to register for an inpatient treatment plan.  There are times when career, family or financial responsibilities are so demanding that it is next to impossible for an alcohol addict to choose an intensive alcohol addiction treatment. For such sufferers, outpatient treatment plan is the best option for alcohol addiction treatment. This program also conduct the same intensive therapies as the inpatient treatment plan and partial hospitalization plan,  but the victims are only obligated to visit the treatment facility for few hours per day. This is to allow them attend to other responsibilities. This type of addiction treatment allows victims of alcohol addiction to facilitate their recovery without interrupting their day-to-day activities.

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