All You Need to Know about Lasik Surgery – How it is done and does it Last?


Eventually, the results of Lasik are what grow the popularity of the procedure, and there are millions who have had Lasik who will tell you about their results. Whether you want to know what to expect from recovery process, recognise the variances between laser eye surgery actions, or research how long Lasek outcomes last, you will find plenty of data to aid with the research process.

Free evaluation

The way that is best for anyone to understand exactly how Lasik could improve your vision, and what results you could expect, is to schedule a free evaluation with Lasik provider near you.

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New technology

New technology plays an important role in the results of laser eye surgery and the laser technology used to perform this surgery is constantly growing. Currently, with laser surgery of your eye patients have accessibility to a wide range of procedures, each with its own benefits. Lasik technology can help improve results, as well as even relieve discomfort during the process of recovery.

Assortment of options

The term “Lasik” applies to an assortment of eye surgery type options, like conventional, PresbyLasik, all lasers Lasik, custom Lasik or Lasek as well as monovision Lasik. Those candidates for any of these surgeries much are carefully screening to confirm that these treatment options are suitable for their condition.

Refractive eye surgery

Lasik is refractive eye surgery that adjusts farsightedness, nearsightedness, as well as astigmatism – all of these are most of the time caused by errors on focusing. Lasik fixes these problems by altering the cornea shape. As an example, a cornea could be too steep, and this causes nearsightedness. If the cornea is too flat, it causes farsightedness.

Reshape the cornea

To restructure the cornea, a Lasik eye surgeon creates a flap of tissue for protective in the outer layer of cornea and uses a laser to delete microscopic cells in the layer underneath. After only several minutes, the surgeon puts the flap back in place, so it will act as a bandage as the patient’s eye heals. In the following months after this eye surgery, the patient sees with vision that is improved.

General Lasik Requirements

  • Must be at least 18-years-old;
  • Must not have any significant change in your vision for at least one year;
  • Chronic eye disorders, such as glaucoma must first be alleviated;
  • You must not be pregnant or nursing;
  • Any chronic illness or disease such as arthritis must be stabilized.

Many people can go back to work within a few days after Lasik surgery, and you may notice improvements in vision quality before the 3 to 6-month timetable for full recovery.  If you want to resume all your favourite activities after Lasik, be sure to ask your Lasik specialist about any activities that could negatively influence healing.

Is Lasik surgery permanent?

Outcomes of Lasik are usually long-term, and most people only need Lasik procedure once during their lifetime. But, there are factors that influence Lasik long-term results, and sometime re-treatment might be needed to re-establish the full benefits of your laser eye surgery. Most surgeons offer guarantees plans to cover this possibility.