Are You Guilty of Ignoring Your Skin?


Dermatologists often stress on the importance of skin care, but it isn’t until we reach our mid-twenties that we actually start to listen. While the skin we have in our 20’s, or as as we lovingly call them ‘glory years’, may look clear, soft, and supple, if we ignore skin care at this age, things are going to go downhill for you.

I’ve seen many 20-year-olds treat their skin like it was impervious to the elements of nature. They only start paying attention to its upkeep when it was too late. Then there are those who don’t really know what they should be doing beyond the usual cleansing-toning-and-moisturizing routine. And before they know it, time has already started taking a toll on their skin.

Here are some ways in which you can give your skin the attention it deserves and stay ahead of the aging curve

Start Young

Looking for that 20’s glow even in your 30’s? Well, it’s not going to happen naturally and you’ve got to put some effort into it. Imagine trying to get a good figure without working out or watching your diet. Not possible right? Similarly, if you ignore your skin in your early days, it’s not going to look its radiant best when you’re in your 30’s or 40’s. So, follow a skin-friendly diet and put a skin care routine in place. Not only will this preserve your beauty, it will also turn back the hands of time.

Wipe It All Off

Don’t sleep with your makeup on and if you haven’t heard it enough, here’s another reason for you to ditch that bad habit. Sleeping with a full face of makeup decreases the body’s ability to repair itself. So no matter how tired or lazy you get after that all-nighter you pulled, take off all your makeup. Besides, that #Iwokeuplikethis selfie you’re aiming for doesn’t really go well with racoon eyes!

Environmental Factors Matter

You may have that goddess-like genes running in your family, but they can only get you so far. If you fail to commit to a dedicated skincare routine, environmental factors such as pollution, exposure to sun, dry weather can affect your skin harshly. According to a study, if a 20-something is exposed to sun and smokes regularly, she will age faster than women in her 30’s. Now that makes for a compelling argument, don’t you think?

Your Diet Affects Your Skin

Skincare doesn’t just end at the CTM routine. What we eat and drink makes a huge difference. Why else do you think ‘ingestible beauty’ is enjoying the spotlight right now? Skin and diet are linked. Therefore, the better you eat, the better your skin is going to be. Ditch those greasy food and reach for healthier options like salads, juices, fruits, and vegetables.

Don’t Skimp Your Appointment

You wouldn’t skip your annual doctor’s visit, then why pass on your appointment with your dermatologist? Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and often, the most ignored. Studies have shown that it’s imperative for youngsters to visit their dermatologists regularly. Besides, why wait till a problem crops up to look after your skin? Why not start early? Prevention is any day better than cure.

Investing in your skin in your youth will keep it looking healthy, radiant, and youthful. Preventive skin care, like sun protection, healthy diet, exercising, moisturizing, and treating skin care problem at its start is so much easier than trying to fix any perceived issues later in life. But those are just the basics. To make sure that your skin stays radiant and hydrated for long, seek professional dermatological help. It pays to take care of your skin, for it will represent you for the years to come.

Author Bio:

Ms. Anupama Arora, a Senior Consultant at Skin Alive, has nearly two decades worth of experience under her belt. With her background in nutrition, she is able to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to aesthetic dermatology. In addition to providing counselling on skin related issues, antiaging, and weight management, she also recommends diet and lifestyle changes to her clients, so that they’re able to live a more fulfilling life.