Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng Extract


Korean Red Ginseng is one of the most searched and used herbs today. It’s a slow-growing perennial plant that has been used widely in Korea and Northern China since generations. According to research, it was found that Korean Ginseng helped in the improvement of endurance, cognitive performance, energy, mood, and athletic performance. It was also found that Korean red ginseng extract helped in the improvement of the immune system and it also helped in reducing stress. It is considered to be an excellent remedy to enhance one’s overall health.

The Korean red ginseng contains 5% of Ginsenoside content, which is why it is considered to be a highly potent root extract. Since Asians have used it for centuries, it is not surprising that people still make use of it. Another great thing about Korean ginseng is that it is a natural aphrodisiac. You can buy health supplements and nootropics that contain Korean red ginseng in the stores. Here are a few important benefits of the herb:

Endurance and fatigue

According to research, people who work out experience significant improvement in their abilities to work out for longer periods after taking Korean red ginseng supplements. Another study found out that athletes who took Korean ginseng extract regularly for 30 days improved their exercising time by 7 minutes. It was found in most of the studies conducted in this area that taking supplements with Korean red ginseng improved the aerobic capacity of people. Apart from this, it was also learned that the ginseng helped in preventing fungal infections in athletes’ foot, which is something very common that they suffer from. Korean red ginseng also helps in soothing inflammation in the muscles of people who undergo rigorous physical exercise.

Cognition and mood

A study conducted by the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre found that consumption of 400mg of Korean red ginseng helps in calming down people’s minds and helped in improving their mood. The study that was conducted on 30 volunteers during an 8-day period proved that the mental arithmetic improved considerably after taking 400mg of Korean red ginseng.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders like insomnia can be handled well with Korean red ginseng. Insomnia is a sleep disorder during which a person finds it extremely difficult to get a good sleep for days. This results in mental as well as physical fatigue in a few days and it slows down the person’s performance and thinking abilities. Korean red ginseng helps people who suffer from insomnia by improving the functioning of the endocrine gland. This way the endocrine gland is able to perform better which results in better absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. When there is better absorption of nutrients in the body, the body will be able to relax better and sleep easier.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to many reasons like nerve damage, diabetes, or heart disease. According to research, taking Korean red ginseng supplements on a regular basis can help treat erectile dysfunction. Even though most of the times our lifestyle is also the antagonist when it comes to issues like erectile dysfunction, setting it back in the right position may not help to eradicate the problem. This is why taking herbs like Korean red ginseng is very important.

Immune response

Studies have proved the effectiveness of Korean red ginseng in the improvement of our immune system. When administered along with antigens, these herb extracts have higher chances of keeping the person away from flu and other contagious diseases.