Blood pressure monitors to examine BP regularly


Fluctuating blood pressure isone of the most common health issues faced by Indians in millennial times, mostly due to being exposed to a hazardous style of living. So, this often leads to heart strokes and other cardiac diseases. As a result, health insurance for high blood pressureis a must for people suffering from BP issues. It is also important to keep a regular check on the blood pressure. Latest inventions on board enable people to sit at home and monitor their blood pressure, and keep away from unexpected health contingencies. Let’s discuss.

Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors to Monitor Your BP

Omron HEM- 7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Get this blood pressure tracking device if you are looking for a one touch blood pressure tracking tool. The device has a LCS display screen where the systolic, pulse rate and diastolic can be seen.

DrMorepan BP- 09 BP

This blood pressure monitoring tool is a multipurpose device. Besides monitoring high and low blood pressure, this device has three more interfaces which monitors heart beats and WHO classification indicator. The device also keeps a history of past three blood pressure reports, which helps the doctor, or the patient keep a track of the irregularities.

Health Sense BP100

This is an automated blood pressure monitoring device. The gadget operates on voice commands. Health Sense BP100 offers accurate results because it tracks the blood pressure based on body movements. This device also monitors heartbeats and even consists of an alarm clock.

Citizen CH- 650

This blood pressure tracking tool has an LCD monitor. The device monitors blood pressure, heartbeat irregularities, pulse rates and body movements. It also comes with a wrist cuff. This BP monitoring tool runs on battery.

Healthgenie BPM01W

This is an automated blood pressure indicator. This device sends out alarm when it detects irregular blood pressure and heart beats. The device is just not easy to maintain but also a charge saver as it automatically shuts down when not in use.

Omron HEM- 7132

This device is one of the most recommended blood pressure monitoring tools. The gadget can store upto 60 readings and hence tracking BP and heart beat irregularities easier.

Rossmax S150

This light weight BP monitoring tool can be easily carried during travels. The machine has an immense battery capacity to record almost 3000 measurements. Moreover, the Rossmax S150 has a backlit which helps in blood pressure tracking anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Trust BP Monitor

This BP monitoring gadget is just not popular in India but also in other parts of the globe. This device uses the most advanced technology and so just does not monitor blood pressure but also has the capacity to identify fatal cardiac diseases and strokes.

Smart Care Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This BP monitoring tool is capable to store 90 readings. It is small and light weight. The device can also calculate the average blood pressure of 3 months.

Health Sense Blood Pressure Monitor

This device is characterized by a large LCD monitor. The Health Sense Blood Pressure machine uses Oscillometric technology, making blood pressure measurement easy and accurate.

Key Takeaway

Get ready to take care of your heart by regularly monitoring your BP and also getting a good high blood pressure health insurance. Keep the below factors in mind while choosing medical insurance plans for high blood pressure.

  • Do not wait! Like many other diseases, to get the health insurance benefits for hypertension is approximately 3- 4 years. So as soon as high blood pressure is detected, go for a health insurance for high blood pressure.
  • Check out quotes! Go through the medical insurance plans of multiple companies before you select one. As you are starting early, the premium amount should not be high.

So build your strategy to fight against heart diseases; track your blood pressure regularly and do not forget to get a health insurance for high blood pressure.

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