Chemistry of peptide bond


Peptides are the chemical compounds which are synthesized by the chain of the amino acids. Here amino acids act as the monomer units while the resulting protein is the polymer chain. Chemical mechanism of the peptide bond involves the condensation process. Here condensation of the amino acids takes place. Amino Acids are the bipolar molecules having both the acidic group as well as basic group. Carboxylic group is acidic (-COOH) while amine group is basic in nature (NH2-). Acids react with bases and in this process water is released thus it is condensation process, same thing happened in the process of peptide synthesis.

Carboxylic group of one amino acid reacts with thee amine group of the other amino acid at reacting site resulting in liberation of water molecule. Thus (-CONH) amide bond is formed in this way and resulting molecule is a peptide. Amide bond is also known as the peptide bond. Peptides are of much significance in the field of clinical research. These peptides play eloquent role in our body systems. These are efficient in catalyzing the complex molecules in the simpler form, thus help in the digestion process.

These peptides are also act as hormones which regulate the body function. These peptides are very easy to synthesize in the laboratory and these are frequently used in medicines, skin care products and diagnostic procedures. These formed by the up to 50 amino acids thus these are also known as the small proteins. Although proteins are also formed from the amino acids but this is the complex structure and more than 50 amino acids are required to form the protein. Peptides hormones have endocrine functions and these regulate many body functions by acting as the hormones.

These act as the enzymes and antibodies too. Thus these also play their role in digestive process as well as in immune system. Peptides are very essential for this body. These are highly used in medicine as well as in drugs because these are easily available, process of their synthesis is easy and they liberate minimum side effects. Their activity in the body is of short duration. Peptides are very popular and are demand. In the field of diagnosis also these have great significance. These are introduced in the body ad when the sample taken is seen under the microscope, due to change in the colour, disorders can easily be detected. Peptides are summarized as the essential molecules in clinical research.