CLA Safflower Oil Vs Pure Forskolin Pills


Many health practitioners and nutritionists postulate ample tips for reducing the weight and regard the quick weight loss procedures as unhealthy. However, who doesn’t want to fit in their old skinny clothes or their favorite size zero jeans just like their role model celebrities as quickly as possible? What is the easiest way out towards burning those extra pounds of weight? Who among CLA Safflower Oil  or the Pure Forskolin pills is the best fat burner? Let’s figure it out!

What is Forskolin and CLA Safflower Oil?

Forskolin is a popular compound which is found in the roots of the plant named Coleus Forskohlii grown in India, Nepal, and Thailand. Since ancient times, it was used for the treatment of the different diseases such as heart disorders, respiratory problems, constipation, and chest pain. However, currently, its role has deviated and it’s known to be a weight loss supplement that has the potential to boost the metabolism rate, prevent the weight gain and increase the muscle mass.

On the other hand, CLA Safflower Oil for weight loss is a polyunsaturated acid that is known to be effective in the menstruation disorders, high blood pressures, constipation, enhancing energy levels, reducing appetite, and tumors. Moreover, if consumed during the pregnancy period, it can even lead to miscarriage. However, currently, its role in the weight loss is also being evaluated. Let’s give a closer look to their roles as weight loss supplements:

Forskolin vs. CLA Safflower

Some of the research works suggest that Forskolin extract weight loss plays a vital role in enabling the release of the fat being stored in the cells; thus, it increases the metabolism. Simultaneously, it is also suggested that the release of the fat should be accompanied by a calorie deficit in order to exhibit benefits. Moreover, it also has the ability to increase the cyclic cAMP levels in the cell which triggers the release of enzymes that further stimulates the weight loss. One small-scale study [1] conducted on 30 obese and overweight men showed that Forskolin stimulated the increase in the testosterone levels which led to mass gain; however, another research [2] on 23 overweight women showed that it wasn’t effective in weight loss but in prevention towards weight gain.

On the other hand, CLA Safflower Oil for weight loss breaks down the stored fat as well as increases the Serotonin levels which lead to better mood. Moreover, it boosts the metabolism and converts the stored fats to energy. In 2009, a study [3] was conducted on 55 obese women with Type II diabetes. The results were quite unimpressive in the context of weight loss.

Which one is effective in the Weight Loss?

Sufficient research evidence is still not available to draw a valid conclusion. However, if the available research work and reviews are taken into consideration, it can be concluded that Forskolin is more beneficial than CLA Safflower Oil in the context of weight loss. Both of these products have their own advantages and side effects; thus, you can consult your own doctor and take the decision wisely!

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