Coping up with AIDS during the tenure of pregnancy


In case if you happen to be pregnancy the risk of passing over the HIV virus to the baby happens to be on the higher side. Before we explore HIV/AIDS treatment during pregnancy there are three ways by which it can pass over.

  • During the tenure of pregnancy
  • Once you are about to give birth and this happens when it is vaginal birth. The doctor would be of the opinion that a C section would be an option to lower down the risk during the tenure of childbirth
  • When you are into breastfeeding

With HIV/AIDS medicine you can go down to lower all the risk considerably. With the use of these medicines your health will be protected. As some of these medicines are not safe to be consumed during the tenure of pregnancy, it would be really better if you discuss with your doctor on what to consume during the period of pregnancy. In the meantime you need to ensure that the medicines are taken on a regular basis.

More likely the baby would be having HIV/AIDS medicines for a month or so after being born. With the use of these medicines the baby is protected from any infection from HIV that could pass over to them at the time of birth. During this time frame a lot of tests are likely to be conducted to confirm HIV in kids. The difficult part is that some women may suffer from HIV or AIDS and they might not even aware of it. So the moment you are pregnant you need to undertake the HIV test as early as possible. The moment you are suffering from HIV/ AIDS the general recourse would be to take medicines so as to prevent the spread of this disorder.

When you are suffering from HIV it goes on to attack the immune system of the body. It decreases the ability of the body to fight off infections. Once the HIV virus emerges to AIDS then it becomes a cause of concern. It would be a fatal situation on all counts. Till date there would be no specific cure of HIV. But with medicines you can slow down the phase of progression to a considerable extent. Some people who are suffering from the same have been part of medicines. They have gone on to lead a healthy life for a considerable period of time.

You can find HIV in blood, vaginal fluids or even the semen. One of the best ways to have unprotected sex with a man who is HIV prone. It has been observed that the infection does pass from the sperm of the man on to the lining of the vagina. If you share needles and have unprotected anal sex also the chances of AIDS does increase as well. if you plan for transfusion of infected blood then also the chances of AIDS increase. But the chances to spread in this manner is less because virus check is done.