Difference Between Cloud Computing And Traditional Computing Services And Its Benefits


The very first question that comes to the mind is what is the difference between cloud computing and traditional computing. What meaning does the following terms hold and how they are used in the common language by the people concerned? It is a known fact that the cloud computing is always beneficial and advantageous in comparison to the traditional computing.

In case of cloud computing, collection of network servers are installed and applications are made online on the internet which is managed by the third group of people who are trusted in the true sense of the word. The user just needs to connect with this network and he/she can access any of the applications and thus work as per his/her preference.

Whereas if one talks about traditional computing, the network system is managed within the premises of the organization itself and managed by the insiders only. There is no involvement of the third party by any means or outdoor location other than the office of the concerned organization.

If one happens to believe Rene Bostic, then the users have been making use of the cloud computing solutions since long without knowing it and in complete ignorance. She is an expert who believes that this technology is very simple and easy to use. In fact people are extensively making use of the same but are not aware of the fact due to lack of knowledge or total ignorance.

Now the question that comes to the mind is why so much importance is given to cloud computing services? The answer could be just that the services given to a particular user is different in its approach and thus have many benefits and advantages as compared to the other computing services.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing services are as listed below:

  • The user can make use of any of the applications from all parts of the world barring any particular location for any of the reasons.
  • It is simple and easy to apply in comparison to the other computing services. There is no need for the user to possess any kind of technical knowledge and it is very cheap and in great use these days.
  • This computing service proves more beneficial in terms of performance in comparison to the traditional computing services. It is just that the data needs to be controlled and managed in the right sense.

These benefits have increased the use of this computing service among the users and it has become much simpler for the people to look after their applications and control them at their level itself without the need of any third party. These services are suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses no matter what kind of operations need to be performed by the user over the traditional in house computing services.

Rene Bostic is of the view that all this computing service seems to be positive for the IT market and the users are making extensive use of the same without any kinds of hassles or stress in the future too. Thus, this kind of computing service is more beneficial for the users in the present times.

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