Do you find any ethical issues that arise from genome editing?


A lot of issues have gone on to arise from genome editing and as far as germline modification ethics is concerned it does around human editing. The main reason of it is that any changes you do make on to the germlinedo roll out to the future generations. The debate that has arisen in case of genome editing would not rake in to be something newer. But one thing is for sure it has gone on to gain a lot of impetus once the discovery of CRISPR has emerged. This does possess the ability the editing to be a lot more accurate and this does happen to be a lot easy when you compare it to the other technologies.

The researchers have a different point of view in terms of germline modification moratorium. They are of the opinion that the human genome editing does not have to be put to use for reproductive purposes. Studies on the other side of the coin do make it effective and it should continue in terms of effectiveness. Here the stakeholders are of the opinion that this debate should keep on continuing and it is up to the public on whether they need to accept genome editing or not. Till date there are close to 40 odd countries which have gone on to ban this medical wonder. This does include 15 nations in Europe because of their safety concerns. An international effort is being undertaken by countries like UK, US and China for the evolution of the technologies related to germline editing. This effort did have its prominence in the year 2015

As per the view point of a certain section of the masses it is virtually impossible to obtain a mutual consent of germline therapy as you can confer the fact that the patients who are affected by the edits work out to be the future generations or the embryos. One of the counterpoints is that parents have already gone on to make the decision which have an impact on their future kids. The consent from the parents is something virtually difficult to achieve. One of the reasons could be that the risk from germline therapy is still something that is not clear. There is also a concern that the editing of the genome editing would be something that would be achievable by the rich class. This would lead to a disparity among the healthy class with a host of other medical interventions. There is another school of thought and that is if you do take it to an extreme level, then the chances of a class of individuals could be created that could be figured in terms of quality as far as the engineering syndrome evolves.

There is a lot of moral or religious obligations as far as the use of embryos in terms of research is concerned. No form of funds can be used and this is federal funds or state funds.