Dr. James DeVellis- What Are the Key Responsibilities of An Orthopedic Surgeon


There are several people that voluntarily do not go to a doctor to examine their bone health. They neglect the issue till the problem becomes severe and serious. Most people face mobility issues and they cannot even do simple daily chores like watch the news, walk up the stairs, bend down etc. The issues often lie with the bone and joints in the body. Most of the time, a cartilage might be damaged or the bone inflamed. It is here that people should consult a good orthopedic surgeon so that the issue is taken care of.

Dr. James DeVellis- what are the traits of a good orthopedic surgeon?

Dr. James DeVellis is an esteemed orthopedic surgeon in the USA. He has rich experience in the field and says that people in Boston and its neighboring areas should never neglect bone issues in the body. Even if a person suffers from arthritis, he or she should consult a good orthopedic surgeon. He says that people are like an old fox who do not wish to visit an orthopedic doctor if they suffer from arthritis. They believe the condition will go away on its own. Most of the time, the condition does not go away and the health of the bone deteriorates.

What will the orthopedic surgeon do?

The orthopedic surgeon will examine your condition with an x-ray to ascertain the root cause of the problem. He or she will check the condition of the joints and see if you need a joint replacement or not. Good doctors have excellent hand-eye coordination. Surgical procedures like a joint replacement need gentle and accurate hand movements.

Doctors should be patient and calm when monitoring patients

Orthopedic doctors are very patient and calm. They are never harsh or accused of misconduct with their patients. They take extreme care and caution to check the condition of the patient and create a treatment plan that is customized to meet and match their patient’s needs.

Customized treatment plans for patients

He says no two people are the same and so the treatment procedures will be different. He says that orthopedic surgeons have to deal with accusations of pain from patients when it becomes intolerable. He says the doctor has to be calm even when the patient is difficult to manage. He adds sometimes the doctor needs to deliver bad news to their patients and it is here that he or she has to be tactful.

Dr. James DeVellis says that good orthopedic surgeons will always check and monitor the individual responses of their patients. If needed adjustments have to be made and advanced treatment technologies have to be embraced in order to provide patients with the right treatment procedures. He says that most patients often deny or even believe they can judge their own health. This is not the right attitude especially when it comes to bone health. If you really wish to improve your health, you should communicate with a good orthopedic surgeon and create a treatment plan for alleviating pain