Drug Rehab Reviews – How Long Should Your Rehab Treatment Lasts?


Many people have joined the 30 days rehab program at their local public rehab centers but find themselves keep having to change to another 30 days rehab program a short period after completing treatment. Thirty days rehab program used to be the standard for addicts who are serious about becoming sober again but recent research report released by the National Institute of Drug Abuse shows that 90 days is the new standard for drug addicts who want to fully recover from their addiction problems.

If you join a 30 days rehab program, the detox procedure will occupy most of the length of the treatment which mean only a little time will be spent on other forms of treatments. Joining a luxury rehab center is the best solution for managing your addiction problem. Luxury rehab is located in a scenic spot that gives patients access to many nearby beaches. There are lush greenery in the surrounding environment. Luxury rehab is situated in a sunny location with good weather all year long to cheer up the patients. The panoramic view can take away the stress that the patient is feeling due to the different problems m his life.

According to drug rehab reviews, addicts will have opportunity to take part in pleasurable activities so that they will not get bored. You can relax yourself and figure out all your problems while staying at the rehab. The fun activities aim to keep the patients happy so that they will not think about leaving before the treatment is complete. Luxury rehab not only put emphasis on recreational facilities but it also has a large number of drug treatment facilities. The doctors and therapists that work at the private rehab are specialists with good educational background and many years of experiences in working with addicts to help them recover from their addictions.

Luxury rehab offers comfortable lodging that have the same high standard that you experience at a high end hotel. Both the exterior and interior of the rehab are well designed and feature elegant architecture details. If you are used to living a luxury lifestyle, you will find luxury rehab suits you. Facilities such as spa, massage, and fitness centers enable patients to receive treatment in comfort.

Depending on your availability, you can either join an inpatient program or outpatient program. One of the advantages of joining an inpatient rehab program is that it allows you to find out other addictions that you may not aware of. For example, you may enter a rehab to cure your drug and alcohol addiction but you may also have other types of addictions such as gambling. Long term rehab program is more comprehensive and monitoring of the addicts often continued even after the treatment has ended.

Long term rehab program can last as short as 30 days but it can be extended longer to 60 days or 90 days or more. If possible, you should stay at the rehab for at least 1 year in order to ensure you are completely sober before returning back into the society. At the rehab, addicts will constantly be drug tested to ensure that they keep themselves abstained from drug/alcohol usage. While in the rehab, you will learn skills that are vital in achieving a long term recovery. The addicts will be closely monitored to ensure that they follow the schedule outlined in their programs.

Not every drug addict need to go to an inpatient rehab because the severity of the addiction problem vary across each patient. However, research has proven that enrolling in a longer rehab treatment program gives you a higher chance of achieving sobriety. Inpatient rehab is suitable for addicts who suffer from mental disorder, have a chronic relapse history or live in an environment that is constantly exposed to sobriety. If the treatment at the outpatient rehab is not effective enough to cure your addiction, you can join an inpatient program.

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