Exercise to prepare for a marathon


The monotony of the modern world has unfortunately given birth to a sedentary lifestyle. In this urban hustle and bustle of crunched timelines and meeting the deadlines, people often fail to prioritize their health and fitness. However, as an old saying goes “Your body is your temple”, keeping this in mind, you must stop being an atheist and look after your physical and mental well-being for a healthy and nourishing life.

Regular exercise and a balanced meal can take you a long way in managing your fitness effectively. Basic cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling,and skipping can help you get rid of that excess fat and burn your calories too. Running at a moderate pace everyday for thirty minutes can bring about drastic transformations in your life. Not only is it a good way of shedding those extra pounds, but it can also relieve you of your stress by boosting your happy hormones. Therefore, in order to boost your fitness, it is important that you spare 30 minutes from your daily routine for jogging and running.

Besides,if you are already considerate about your health and running is a part of your daily workout regime, you can think of pushing your boundaries by involving a long-run to your schedule once in a while. If you are a fitness freak who enjoys being in a good shape, then running a marathon should certainly make it to your bucket list. However, before you head towards running a marathon, it is crucial that you undergo appropriate training in order to avoid any inconvenience at the later stage. A good training session will ensure that you have a hassle-free run. Below, we would be discussing a workout routine that can help you prepare for a marathon in a better way.

  • For a healthy individual, a training program of around 20 weeks is sufficient to be prepared for a marathon.
  • Base mileage is a significant element of marathon training. It is advisable to run 3-5 times per week in order to develop a weekly mileage.
  • One long run in a week can help the body to adjust to long distances gradually.
  • As a part of better preparation, one can also consider running short races or even a half-marathon. Apart from keeping them motivated, this activity can prepare them physically and mentally for the approaching marathon.

It is essential for people to be wellawareof their limits before taking up the marathon training program. Rigorous training and pushing the limits too often can lead to severe injuries. Most common injuries include hamstring issues, runner’s knee, shin split and stress fracture. Such injuries can take ample time to heal. Injuries not only cause physical stress but also leads to financial instability due to high medical expenses. Hence, it is a wise choice to have health insurance plans in place to cut down the cost of medical expenses significantly.

Personal accident insurance policy proves to be handy when the insured individual suffers bodily injury due to an accident or unforeseen events. Therefore, every individual must buy health insurance plans to safeguard themselves for the uncertainties of life.

Lastly, running a marathon is definitely going to be a memorable experience for you. Apart from contributing to your overall fitness, a marathon can serve as a great platform for you to interact with like-minded individuals. Most of the marathons nowadays are organized for a social cause. By running a marathon can contribute your bit towards the society. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you run for a cause. Pull up your socks, train yourself, and participate in a marathon at the earliest.