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Cellulite is an eye sore for most women but do you know that around 10 percent of men in the world can also be affected by it? Fat and cellulite make the skin look like an orange peel. Most of the time, this cellulite is hidden under your clothes. You will find them mostly on the buttocks, thighs and hips. Cellulite can be reduced with exercise but the process is a long and tedious one. There are several causes for cellulite and the most common one is poor lifestyle, hormonal changes, poor diet, hereditary and no exercise.

Can cellulite be removed?

Yes, cellulite can be removed from the body by experts clinics like Sono Bello in the USA. This Clinic provides clients with affordable and accessible body contouring procedures that focus on the spot reduction of fat and cellulite. At the same time, the professionals customize the procedure as per the unique needs of the patient. This is why the Sono Bello reviews are good when it comes to patient care and treatment. The patients are happy with the natural looking results. The staff of the clinic are very friendly and they ensure you are comfortable from the start to the end of the procedure.

Understanding what cellulite is

You first need to understand the meaning of cellulite if you really wish to get rid of it. This condition affects 90% women and as mentioned above 10% men. The existence of cellulite is generally found in urban areas and industrial towns. When women approach menopause, you will find that the female hormone estrogen starts to reduce. The appearance of cellulite can be noticed from the ages of 25 to 35 years. This hormone also has an impact on the blood vessels of the human body. When estrogen starts to decrease, women lose receptors in their blood vessels as well as thighs. This leads to very poor blood circulation. With the deceased blood circulation, you tend to get less nutrition and oxygen in that area. This results in a decrease in the collagen production and the fat cells start to become bigger. They protrude through the collagen and become the bumps of fat that you know as cellulite in the body.

Women tend to get cellulite in the knees, buttocks and saddlebags because they have 3 layers of fat in these areas not one. They also have 3 layers of fat in the stomach and the triceps area. Many women are not aware of this fact say the specialists here at Sono Bello. This is reason why they should act and arrest cellulite at the earliest so that they do not suffer from excess weight and a poor figure. The same thing can happen to a male if he is an overweight one.

The Sono Bello reviews are very positive when it comes to removal of fat and cellulite from spot areas of the body. The experts are caring and you may drop in for a free consultation with them after filling in your details in the form posted on their official website!

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