General Laser Hair Removal Questions


Gone are the days when you had to dread your monthly visit to the local beauty parlour to get your hair ripped off your skin and get burnt in the process from the melted hot wax. Neither do you have to feel like an itchy pokey human cactus after shaving yourself in the shower and getting razor burns and cuts. Fortunately, technology has come to your delicate skin’s rescue with the boon of laser hair removal in delhi. Since laser hair removal is comparative new in the country that is why there are a lot of myths and questions that surrounds this innovative hair removal technique. So here are some of the common questions that we have answered to help you get a clear notion of laser hair removal.

Will the treatment completely remove my hair permanently?

The laser hair removal treatment is more of a hair reduction treatment that a hair removal treatment. The lasers ejected out of the device stacks the pigments in the hair known as melanin and destroy it without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. The treatment effectively destroys the hair follicles that are present on your skin during the procedure but you can get new hair follicles due to simple things like change in weight or hormonal change. This is why we cannot call this treatment permanent as such but you can get maintenance treatments even if you get a few new hairs after a few years to keep your skin silky smooth.

Is the treatment painful?

When compared to the pain of waxing, treading or razor burns, the laser hair removal is nothing. Patients often describe the sensation as that of a rubber band snapping against your skin for a brief second so nothing that’s not unbearable. While, most patients do not require and numbing cream but it can be used for someone who is extra sensitive.

Will it work on my skin and hair?

The answer is, absolutely yes. The benefits of laser hair removal can be enjoyed by everybody. Although, most lasers work best on dark coarse hair, there is new and advanced technology which uses broad spectrum lasers on lighter and thinner hair making laser hair removal universal.

Where should I get the treatment done from?

It is essential that you only go to a reputed laser hair treatment clinic in Delhi to get your treatment done. Although, you do not need to get it done from a doctor yet you should have a prior consultation with a dermatologist in the clinic before opting to go for the treatment.

How many sittings do I need to go through?

Most patients may need between 5 to 10 sittings but it completely depends on the hair cycle and hair growth pattern of the patient. The hair generally starts to shed shortly after the session but new hairs which were dormant before the session also starts to grow out which is destroyed in the following session. Generally there is a time gap of at least 8 weeks between each session to let the dormant hairs grow out during their hair cycle.