Gnathologist clinic for headaches


Almost one in five people suffers from recurrent headaches (latest data since 2013), but nevertheless this is a problem so common, there is very little information about the causes that trigger it.

The headache, in fact, is usually treated as a neurological problem, or competence of the otolaryngologist, when instead nine out of ten headaches are caused from muscular problems, and would therefore be more easily treatable by a gnathologist dentist or a physiotherapist.

Of tension-type headaches, most are caused by muscle tension masticators (masseter, pterygoid and temporal), and is often associated with disturbances in areas surrounding the mouth, eyes and ear (eg click when we open and close the mouth, or continuous whistling in the ears, or difficulty in sight).

These symptoms associated with headaches are almost always referable, in turn, to the muscular tension of the surrounding areas, and it is not rare to find people with pain of neck and back pain that are exacerbated during episodes of migraine.

The best way to treat these problems is usually a visit to a gnatologist dentist (an example in the Veneto is the Dentist Gnatos) possibly accompanied by a visit to a physiotherapist.

These specialists are usually able to cure headaches using appliances furniture or targeted gymnastics, with the purpose of relaxing the muscles that cause the “headache”. If you suffer from a headache, then start at the dentist, and not the neurologist!

The Gnatos dental practice deals with general dentistry for adults, children and the elderly, including implantology and orthodontics, as well as mobile prostheses (such as dentures).

Our specialty is gnathology, a science that studies the temporomandibular joint disorders and the muscles that affect it, which often occur with headaches and recurrent cervical pains. We are the dental office in Borgo Venezia in Verona, located in Via Del Capitel 1, between the petrol station and the Battini pastry shop.