Guide on Ativan Addiction Treatment at a Drug Rehab


Ativan is a prescription drug marketed under the benzodiazepine lorazepine brand name in the pharmacies. It has the ability to increase the dopamine activity to give a feeling of reward and ease anxiety. Drugs that can increase the dopamine level fast are addictive so taking it in a prolonged period can lead to addiction. Ativan is one of the top 3 drugs responsible for death caused by prescription medications in USA.

Often, people who have Ativan addiction are not aware about it. This is because they have been taking the drug regularly for a health reason. You will only know if you experience physical or psychological difficulty after suddenly stop taking the drug. If you believe that you have an Ativan addiction, you should not hesitate to seek help at an Ativan Drug Rehab immediately.

Ativan rehab treatment will start with a detox process. During the detox process, you will receive attention from the medical professional until all traces of the drug are removed. Usually, the patient will slowly wean off Ativan for a period of at least 2 weeks or longer. The length of the tapering schedule is based on the drug use history.

Several types of psycho behavioral therapies can be used to treat Ativan addiction. In a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) session, the therapist will try to understand what is in the thoughts of the patient and what belief he has that has led him to take the drug. CBT is based on the principle that people take drugs to cope with stress.

Once the therapist has identified the root thoughts, he will come up with a strategy to address the stress triggers. There are many positive reports about CBT with addicts claiming that they are still using the strategies suggested by the therapist after they have completed the program.

You should also not forget about including family therapy in your custom treatment plan. It is often the family member who get the addict checked in to a treatment facility. Various types of family therapy programs are organized at the rehab, for example, family members are invited to take part in the group therapy. Family members also get to attend classes with the addict to get educated about the addiction.

People who are planning to enroll in a rehab will often take into consideration about the cost. The good news is that the program cost can be covered by health insurance. If you join a luxury drug rehab, you will have to pay thousands of dollars per month. However, the cost is worthwhile considering that you will save much more money if you successfully become sober. The health of the person is more important that the treatment cost.

After treatment ends, you may still receive care from the staff at the rehab through the aftercare program. Every aftercare program is customized to the patient’s needs. The staff may check with you weekly through phone. On the phone, you can discuss any obstacle that is hindering you from making progress. Whenever you need support, you can always return to the rehab and attend a session.

When selecting an drug rehab, you must pay attention to the success rate of the treatment for Ativan. The rehab should have a high success rate for cases related to Ativan abuse. The rehab should offer a large selection of therapies such as recreational, behavioral management, and occupational therapies. The staff that work at the rehab must be trained to help with any difficult situation of the patient. In addition, there should be medical staff around for 24/7 to provide help for any emergency situation.