Health Benefits of Playing Sports


As we grow up, sports lose much of the importance that they once held in our adolescent years. As an adult, we rarely find the opportunity to indulge in sports and as a result we are no longer as fit as we used to be as a child.

Needless to say there are way too many benefits of playing sports and most of these are quite well known to us. Playing a sport can do wonders for our cardiovascular health and can also keep us away from most of the diseases that stem from an unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s go into the details of the health benefits that sports have to offer:

Weight Management

We all have those clothes that we once loved to wear but are now collecting dust in a corner of our wardrobe. It isn’t like we got tired of wearing them or that they are suddenly unappealing. We stop wearing them simply because we cannot fit into them anymore.

Playing a sport frequently keeps us fit and also in better control of our weight. It is also the quickest way we can get rid of all the fat we may have accumulated over time, unless you are playing golf. Most of the sports that we play encourage a lot of movement and therefore make us more flexible along with helping us shed those extra few pounds.

Healthier Heart

Your heart will find fewer reasons to malfunction if you play sports frequently. Heart is the organ in our body that possibly benefits the most from any form of cardiovascular activity. Whether you are dodging a football from your opponents or running on a treadmill, your heart is becoming healthier with every step that you take. Those who play sports on a regular basis are exposed to a much lower risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes is popularly known as a lifestyle disease which implies that it is a product of an unhealthy lifestyle. Taking part in a sports activity greatly reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A well known example of how diabetes can be controlled with the help of sports is Pakistan’s former cricketer and one of the world’s all time greatest pace bowlers, Wasim Akram. He was diagnosed with diabetes at an age of 29 which could have had serious implications on his career as a fast bowler. However, it was his dedication towards fitness that ensured that diabetes never stood in the way of his love for cricket.

Stronger Immunity

Poor immunity is the reason why most of us fall prey to common illnesses such as cold, cough, fever etc. Playing sports regularly helps us to develop resilience against these common illnesses and makes our immunity system stronger. When we take part in physical activities there is greater production of white blood cells which are ultimately responsible for our immunity. Physical activities make us sweat more and this helps to remove toxins. Due to the rise in body temperature there is also lesser scope for bacterial growth keeping our skin healthy.


Sports can be a great method to develop a positive attitude, provided you play it in a healthy manner. It refreshes the mind and helps us to develop a fresh outlook towards life. Indulging in sports also helps us build self-esteem as we naturally feel good about getting better at a sport or an activity in general. A person with a fit body is less likely to feel lazy throughout the day and as a consequence, is more alert and aware than those who do not participate in any physical activity. It is also a great way to create good memories with friends and for this reason you will find many bachelors playing sports on their stag do night.


Playing sports is the best way for a person to inculcate team spirit and discipline. When we are playing a sport we are required to play it according to the rules which help us get more disciplined. Also, in order to play a sport properly we need to co-ordinate with members of our team which teaches us the importance of team spirit.

Set Goals

When playing sports we need to set for ourselves a certain goal. If you are playing soccer, kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal post is your goal. As the goal is right in front of our eyes, we tend to push ourselves harder towards achieving it. This tendency gets carried into the other aspects of our lives, both professional and personal. People who play sports are known to have a competitive spirit which is quite essential in a professional environment.