How can blood test at home help to detect diabetes?


Are you a diabetes patient? Well, every diabetes patient must take the blood test on a frequent basis. Blood test at home can help to find the blood sugar level. You may get to know the sugar level at your home. If you know the results and the level of sugar in the blood, you may keep a track of eating habits and keep check on the sugar level. Regular testing is mandatory for all the patients of diabetes. Then, regular blood test may also help to avoid any health complication in the future. It may even help to detect any underlying health problem much before. So, the needed treatment may be taken at the earliest to bring about recovery. The ones who are suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, they need to stick to the prescribed blood sugar level. The doctor will ask you to stick to certain blood sugar level. Accordingly, you can make changes to your diet. If the sugar level is kept under control, there will be less complication.

Home glucose monitoring: the conventional way to test the sugar level

Home glucose monitoring was done in the traditional times whereby the person pricked the finger with some sharp needle or lancet. After doing so, the drop of blood would be taken on the test strip. This test strip would then be placed upon the meter to display the sugar level or the level of glucose in the blood. Meters used to deliver the result in just 10-15 seconds. When it comes to meters, their features, the size and the speed at which the sugar level is monitored varies. Some of the meters may find the average glucose level or sugar level in the blood over the period of time. Monitoring blood glucose on a regular basis can keep you motivated if you see a decline. You may buy the sugar test strips and meters from the medical store.

How to monitor glucose on a continuous basis?

There are some devices that come with insulin pump. This kind of glucose monitoring device may not be as accurate as the finger-stick sugar result. But, the monitoring system may help to find the pattern or trend in the sugar level. Such devices are often termed as ‘interstitial glucose monitoring equipment”. As every person is different, your doctor can best tell you how often to take the test. Checking the sugar level will help in determining the level of glucose or sugar in the blood. The one who is using insulin pump frequently, he will be asked to test the glucose level more frequently.

Call the doctor immediately when the result is abnormal

If you see that the sugar level in the blood is extremely high, you should contact the doctor immediately. Ask the doctor about the blood sugar level to target. If the sugar level is too high or too low, it has to be handled accordingly. It is also mandatory to maintain the record of sugar level. The record may alert you about trends and problems, if any. As per the test result, the doctor will prescribe you diet and medication. The test may also be carried out in a blood test lab if the doctor asks you to do so.

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