How I Managed To Control My Anxiety Using CBD


It happened again, and this time it was the worst. I was out with my friends and we were planning a surprise birthday party for one of our friends who was about to turn 30. Whilst everyone was enjoying the evening, I wasn’t.

I sat alone at the corner far away from the rest of the group trying to figure out why my heart was racing and why I was restless.

An hour later, the symptoms of anxiety were at their peak. This time I had trouble breathing. A wave of fear consumed me, and I kept thinking that it was my last day to live. I approached a friend of mine, who knew what the problem was. I excused myself then immediately left (the story of my life).

It seemed like there was nothing I could do to help myself.

What Is Exactly Anxiety?

It’s really unfortunate that so many people do not consider this disorder as a serious condition and many take it lightly. However, so many have this mental illness.

Anxiety shows itself in many forms including PTSD, SAD which is the social anxiety and OCD. Many people, just like me, are affected by SAD which prevents them socialising and experiencing a great time with their family and friends. And when the condition is at its peak, it can drive youinsane.

What Other Forms Of Treatment Had I Tried?

When you have panic attacks, and you are restless, your body trembles and you are consumed with fear. You want these to go away as quickly as possible.

You will try absolutely anything – even if you are not sure of the effects the substance is going to bring, just to calm yourself down. And that wasn’t different for me.

I attended a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course which really help at all. I also was prescribed Klonopin, Benzodiazepine and other anxiety drugs to help me relax. The problem with these medicines is that they take away all your energy and leave you feeling lethargic.

Cannabis Came To The Rescue!

I had heard about CBD before, but like most people, I was completely misinformed. I never thought of giving this oil a chance because, for me, I wasn’t ready to experience the “high” that’s associated with the consumption of cannabis.

However, when my condition got worse, I was completely and utterly desperate. I didn’t care whether or not I’d get high and paranoid, I just wanted a sense of healing.

There are different ways to consume CBD like gummy bears, creams, and in the form of vaping. But for me, I started with the most common option which is CBD oil drops. When I bought my first bottle, I didn’t stop to think of any adverse side effects. I placed two drops under my tongue and held them there for 60 seconds as instructed.

The oil tastes of coconut oil which I love. So here I was not knowing what to expect. But within around 10-15 minutes, I started feeling a bit unusual. Things felt strange. My mood had been boosted, and I was surprisingly calm. I felt happy – a feeling I had been longing for years.

I continued taking the oil, and today, six months down the line, I must say that if it wasn’t for CBD oil, I would still be scared of going out with my friends. Although I occasionally have bad days, they are thankfully much less frequent.