When it comes to health, many people are cautious of what they ingest. It may be in form of food or drugs. People world over are taking health issues seriously and need assurance of their safety when it comes to food production and medication. Very many people would ask if a certain drug is safe before making a purchase. Pharmacy Mall Safe is a mantra this online pharmacy believes in as the safety of our clients is paramount.

How we guarantee safety of our clients

  • We ensure we get all our drugs from certified drug companies who have undergone the right tests to ensure the drugs are safe and effective for human consumption.
  • When a client makes an order, we cross check this order at many levels till it reaches the chipping company. This ensures the right drug is sent and received in good condition.
  • We have a certified medical personnel that reviews prescriptions and make prescriptions when necessary based on the client’s condition. Their diagnosis is accurate and we follow up with such clients to ensure the drugs helped them.
  • A client’s order is left confidential and no one is allowed to reveal the details of the clients and order.
  • The safety of client’s information is important to us. Any credit card payment information that is given to us is confidential and protected.
  • Safe delivery of orders is something we are keen on. Our shipping partners are the best and we ensure we are updated every step of the way when the drugs leave our stores to the moment they reach your door step.
  • If a particular medication did not work and we get more negative reviews, we withdraw that drug from our system and lodge a complaint against the drug producer and the said drug. This is why we insist on customer reviews so we know what works and what does not.

Drugs are very important to human life and they should be given the right kind of balance especially when it comes to the active ingredients. We appreciate the importance of this and that is why we pick the best companies who have the right credibility to do business with. Pharmacy Mall safe is not just about business, but your health too. We endeavor to provide the best drugs as well as service at your convenience and more importantly, your safety is paramount.