How to Care for a Sick Parent and Role of CareGiver Service


Like all human beings, the importance of daily care activities should be maintained. For sick people who cannot perform self-care, you must provide the deficit and ensure good health. The checklist will help ensure that you are doing good elderly parental care.

Oral Hygiene: If the parent cannot brush teeth, or have difficulty swallowing, provide a mild or diluted mouthwash that can be spit out. Apply in the morning, after each meal and before bed.

Personal hygiene: Allow your loved one to help with your attention to their full potential. Hand them over the face towel, hold a mirror so they can either comb or provide a chair to sit in the shower.

Nutrition: A healthy diet with adequate amount of calories is extremely important. People suffering from cancer may have discontinued treatment if they do not maintain a certain weight. People who are limited in mobility may develop sores from a deficiency of protein and vitamin C. If your loved one has a loss of appetite, provide additional shakes and drinks recommended by your doctor.

Mobility: People have to move, at least one place to another after every two hours or more. Otherwise, movement will stop and the area may rupture and develop open wounds. If possible, take your beloved sit in a chair until you can tolerate it before going back to bed.

Medical equipment: Depending on state of mobility, you may need to provide a portable bathroom next to the bed. The oxygen cannula should be long enough to reach the oxygen concentrator when the person is moving. Ensure that other related equipments are good enough.

Medications and treatments: The amount of drugs and dosing schedules can be overwhelming during the treatment process. Use a plastic box, daily list, alarm clock or any creative means to ensure the drug is delivered at certain times.

Limit falls and accidents: Provide a bell to the side and encourage your loved one to call if they get out of bed. Make sure the hallways are free of carpets and clutter. Install grab bars in bathroom and bedroom assisted by floor if necessary.

Home caregiver service is also available easily that provides care and support for people with disabilities at home. Home caregiving service includes a variety of medical and health services to give care to a patient of any age, who like to be in the ease of their homes rather than a hospital or other medical care home. Home caregiving services come in a range of types, and All American Healthcare is committed to offer the top quality of home caregiving for any patient.

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