How To Get Your Body Ready For Summer


Getting your body ready for summer has never been easier. With so many different products and treatments to choose from in order to ensure you are looking your best when the sun comes shining down at home or abroad, you are certain to be completely ready in order to guarantee that you enjoy a hassle-free summer. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the top ways for you to get your body ready this summer.

Hair Removal

Preparing your body and getting rid of your winter coat (literally!) has never been easier. If you want a quick and simple way to reduce the amount of unwanted body hair you have, turn to laser hair removal. While this is not a permanent solution and will not remove hair completely, it will certainly reduce the hair by up to 80% depending on the colour, thickness, skin type and number of treatments you undergo. Whether you choose this option for your bikini line, legs or arms, or another part of your body, you can enjoy fuzz-free sunbathing without the fuss!

Hair Colour

As summer comes rolling in, why not freshen up your locks? Finding a sun-kissed glow for your hair tone is ideal and chopping some of the heavy weight from your hair will also be beneficial for your locks as the warmer weather can dry out already broken locks. This summer, turn to natural-looking golden highlights to enjoy a bohemian look, put the warmth of summer into your locks with warmer tones such as red hues, or if you want to go bold this summer why not opt for coral-toned reds? There’s plenty to choose from, so head on over to your salon and speak to a stylist about how to style your hair this summer.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

If you want to obtain a bikini body, then you’re going to need to put the effort in. Committing to full-body strength training, making your glutes and stomach the priorities of your workouts and cutting back of starchy carbohydrates are great ways to ensure that you get the body you desire for the summer. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you are looking after your body to its full potential while obtaining the look that you’re after and integrating a full exercise routine into your week will ensure you get there quickly!

Spray Tan

Spray tan season is upon us, and if you’re looking to get the perfect bronzed glow before the summer season then this is certainly what you should opt for. If you’re heading on holiday, then stepping out into the sunshine, uncovered for the first time in the year can seem daunting. Will your pale skin glow brighter than the sun? Will you be prone to sunburn? Despite some beliefs, you are able to see a natural tan build up through the spray tan, and eventually your fake tan will fade away unnoticeably to make way for naturally golden skin. If you’re dipping in and out of the pool, then you won’t need to worry about the tan becoming streaky either – unless you jump in when the tan is still developing. If you want to get the perfect summer bronze, without the pale limbs when you first step into the sun, then opt for a spray tan.

Getting your body ready for the summer has never been easier. What’s your summer body secrets for 2018?