Key Aspects That You Should Know When Travelling To Europe


Almost everyone would love to travel to an exotic European destination for their vacations with family and friends. A diverse set of activities can be done in Europe, for example, skiing, water sports, beach-fun, hiking, camping, stargazing, witnessing the aurora borealis, cruising on water and climbing mountains. Europe also attracts people who are into cultural tourism and exploring diverse cuisines.

However, it is to be kept in mind that even minor health concerns can become a spoilsport during a vacation. Therefore, it is important to be sure about the insurance cover that is given by state insurance as well as by private insurance companies. Here is a list of various aspects of insurance covers that all travellers should be aware of:

What are the types of insurance coverage for people travelling to Europe?

Broadly speaking, the insurance cover that travellers can get for their Europe trips are state insurance and private travel insurance. The European health card is the example of the former, while travel insurance that is purchased privately is the example of the latter.

What is the cost involved in applying for these two types of insurance covers?

The state insurance cover in the form of the card is given for free to all applicants who are covered by the social security system of countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The privately purchased travel insurance comes for a price that depends on the type and duration of travel, existing medical history and age of the applicant.

What is the validity of these two types of insurance covers?

The European health card is valid for a period of five years after being issued. The validity of private travel insurance in only during the particular travel for which it is purchased. Once the traveller returns to the home country, this type of insurance cover loses its validity. For the next travel, a new travel insurance has to be bought.

What is all covered by private travel insurance?

Typically, private travel insurance covers all aspects of travel, including any medical expenses, accident, flight cancellation, misplaced or stolen luggage, flight delay and any other loss that occurs to the traveller during the travel period.

What is all covered under the state insurance cover?

The state insurance covers only that much medical care abroad as is offered for free to applicants in their country. For example, a traveller from the UK to France is only entitled to as much free medical care in France as he/ she would get for free in the UK.

This means that medical intervention that is not urgent, some dental procedures and all those conditions that are not covered in the home country will also not be covered by the European health card when abroad. In addition, this card also doesn’t cover any treatment at private hospitals or clinics, repatriation and air-lift.

A combined protection cover of the state and private travel insurance is the best option for anyone who intends to travel to Europe. This is applicable to every member of the family who is travelling.