Leukemia the commonest cancer in children


The blood cancer is often known as leukaemia. But it is frequently unknown to the common public that cancer of the bone marrow is also known as leukemia because the bone marrow has the sole ability to produce blood cells. If there is any defect in the bone marrow such as the cancer of bone marrow, the blood production will be affected and so ultimately then it will cause problems in blood. It usually creates problems in the leukocytes also known as white blood cells and hence the name.

The age group of the people above 55 years are the most frequently affected people with leukaemia. But another interesting thing is that leukaemia is the most commonly found cancer in the children under 15 years of age. There are two types of leukaemia affecting the patients the acute kind and chronic type. In acute leukaemia it is the sudden development and quick progression which is the scariest part. In chronic kind of leukaemia it gets worse with time. This is a fatal disease specially when it occurs in childhood but there are many ways of controlling and treating the disease and also the symptoms.

The basic cause of leukaemia is defects in the DNA of your blood stem cells. Since the cancerous cells do not have a proper cell cycle so they are almost un-dead they do not die when they should and or not replaced so there is an overcrowding of blood cells that are cancerous more abnormal cells are produced by the problematic the cell with the problematic DNA and hence slowly the cancer cells accumulate in blood. The overcrowding of cancer cells lead to the starvation of the normal cells and so they die slowly. The whole blood is left to be filled with cancerous cell which are not totally healthy.

The suspected causes for leukaemia virus are such as HIV and HTLV 1, petrochemicals like benzene, hair dyes, alkyl chemotherapy agents, smoking and down syndrome. Down syndrome patients already have defects in the DNA and so they are more likely to get affected by this kind of cancer.

Weight loss is one of the common symptoms of leukaemia. The patients who are affected by this disease also are tired most of the time; they get frequent infections and have fevers common. If you see such kind of symptoms in people, ask them to get a biopsy done. There are other tests to detect leukaemia too.

There are many types of leukaemia such as lymphocytic leukemia, myelogenous leukaemia and acute lymphocytic leukaemia which is the most common type in children.

The three types of treatments interferon therapy, surgery and stem cell replacement are the most common types of therapies. But there are also therapies like chemotherapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy for the treatment of this disease. Leukaemia Treatment in India is quite costly, and due to its frequency especially in children there are many hospitals sponsored by the well to do individuals which give a leukaemia treatment in less cost.