Is there any cosmetic product which receives as much love as a lipstick does? There are women who are content with their signature color with which they keep using on and on, day and night and then there are those who have an army of lipsticks consisting of different shades, colors, brands, size, etc. From whichever group you might belong, i.e. former or latter, Lipsense will cater to the demands of each one of you without letting anyone down.

It’s time to invest on your looks!

Ladies belonging to the signature camp will get high returns once they invest in Lipsense. Lipsense is a semi-permanent lip color which remains all day long without any touch ups. Therefore, all those who are resistant to change can choose their favorite color amongst the wide variety of lip color available on the lip color chart section on the website and relax for years to come. Once you have applied this lip color in the morning, you are good to go for the whole day and even night. You may remove it along with other makeup. This lip color is a repellent of water and food. It is kiss proof and smudge proof and won’t come off or get any lighter even when you wet your lips.

Break the ice with bold lip colors!

For those who belong to the latter group, who are ready to break the mold, for them, Lipsense presents get-ready-to-take-the-risk lip colors. With colors as vibrant and bold as plum, purple reign, Napa and cocoa, it’s time to make people turn their heads at the event! The single stroke of intense color is ample to rock-on any party! Lipsense’s bolds are sensational and defy the conventional colors in one go. With Lipsense lip color, get fierce lips in a flash and your color game is up a class!

Bid adieu to chapped lips

This semi-permanent lip color does much more than giving you a smear proof lip color and bold lips. It heals the dry and sore lips. The lip color is made of lip stain, containing fine molecular and gloss, carrying Shea butter which probes the lips and helps to heal the chapped lips. Not only does it help cure cracked and rough lips but also defends against dust, pollution, and harsh sun rays.

Lipsense is a savior!

A semi-permanent lip color is the best solution for any lady who aims to save time from applying makeup and wants a flexible base to work upon or looking for a product which provides a natural, beautiful and fresh face round the clock! Pigment loaded Lipsense lip color gives a luscious lip, by amplifying the visibility of the color, from office hours to late night dinner and parties and keep your lips young.

With Lipsense lip color ranges available to you, you have a chance to create a bold or soft looks for your lips. From nude to pink to red and plum, Lipsense has a brilliant collection of lip colors. They stay-all-day and all-night and unlike conventional lip colors don’t need any touch up. You apply them once and then enjoy the work or party to the fullest without bothering about the fact, ‘Do my lips still look radiant?’

Ladies, it’s time to visit and make your pouts noticeable. So, don’t deter, choose your favorite lip color from wide range of Lipsense and make some room in your cosmetic kit.

It’s time to make a bold and semi-permanent decision!

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