Looking for a natural way how to grow a beard?


A bearded man

For many of us, a beard is a rite of passage to manhood. Most teenage boys anticipate the days when their chin will start to show thick strands of hair growth. In our mid-twenties, however, when it becomes all too natural and we stop paying as much attention as we should have. We take plenty of care for our hair but our man-mane lay unattended.

Now, the growth of beard depends primarily on our genes, but there are other factors too that can affect its growth and quality. Lack of beard care can lead to all sorts of issues from itchiness to patchy beard, 0r even beard dandruff that would make you dread owning a beard.  A proper well-informed beard grooming can make a huge difference. It can turn growing your beard a delight and present the result as a trending style statement, which formerly would have been a burden that you couldn’t wait to shave off.

Growing a beard: the issues

As mentioned earlier, it has primarily to do with your genes. But despite that, you may not have a healthily growing lustrous flowy beard that obeys your style ideas, and the reason is most likely the lack of proper grooming from the time of its growth.

Owning a beard is not only an aesthetic exercise but it does have its benefits too.  One of the studies has found that beard can block 95% of the harmful solar UV rays, which drastically lowers the chances of skin cancer. If you are allergic to dust or pollens, then having a beard might be helpful as it is very effective dust and particle catcher. It prevents them from entering your nose and respiratory system. On the other hand, regular shaving can actually leave your skin more prone to rashes and microbial attacks.

You might just befriend your beard and let it definite your style. Now, regular beard growers must have faced one of these issues: dry itchy skin, beard dandruff, patchy beard, beard rashes and acne, smelly beard etc.

Thankfully there is a one-stop solution to all of these problems, let’s find out.

One-stop solution to our beard woes: Beard oil

A quality beard oil is made of organic essential and carrier oils sourced from various seeds and organic substances. It supplies the moisture that your beard craves, and that can make a great difference. Often the reason our beard doesn’t grow smoothly or looks unhealthy is that of the lack of adequate moisture. The hair follicles equipped with sebum glands are responsible for providing moisture to the beard hair. But as it grows longer, the dirt and dead skin accumulate at the pores and clogs the ducts which lose moisture. As a result, it leads to coerce hair growth, painful sores, rashes and dead skin from the itchiness.

Beard oil penetrates the pores, clears the dirt and supplies the necessary moisture that makes your beard smoother and by extension cleaner. The smell issue is also resolved by the attractive organic musk that the essential oils add to your beard. Beard oil not only moistens your manly mane, it also adds moisture to the surrounding skin which is difficult to reach otherwise. Keeping the skin hydrated reduces the chances of dry skin, rashes or acne and promotes a healthy and soft beard growth which is easier to style.

So, grab your favourite beard oil and give your beard a gentle massage from root to tip after every morning shower or before going to bed, whichever routine works best for you and see how your beard becomes your best wing-man.