LOOSING IT SAFELY- Maintaining an ideal weight


Body weight consists of proportions of fat, muscles,connective tissues and bones in majority.There are also other matters such as skin,tendons,ligaments,blood plasma organs,hairs and their related glands etc.

Maintaining an ideal weight is the key factor to lead a successful life.There is an ideal weight for every human being based on their height, weight and environmental circumstances.Some increase or decrease in weight can be adjusted by the body but a massive difference between the ideal weight and present weight of a person can be really dangerous.

In today’s haphazard and hectic lifestyle,there are many lifestyle borne diseases and being overweight is one of them.An overweight person is a host to a number of diseases such as hypertension,anaemia,diabetes,hypothyroidism ,knee and joint pains are some to name.Gaining excessive weight is a direct result of a faulty lifestyle which includes consumption of junk and oily food and accelerated drinks,not having proper nutritious food and lack of physical exercise.Excessive weight gain can also be a result of mental stress, accumulation of toxins,and deficiency of iron in the body and also it can be an inherited disease.

Loosing excessive weight is a tough job but with sheer determination and discipline it can be achieved.In order to lose weight first of all one has to find the reason of weight gain and then start to work on it and uproot it completely.Before indulging in any weight loss program it’s advisable to get a medic check up done and follow the proffessional advice to avoid any sort of side effect occurring due to inappropriate weight loss methods.

Best way to lose weight safely starts from knowing ones body type and follow a weight loss program according to it.

Some of the best ways to lose weight safelyare as follows:

  1. Switch to an organic diet-Organic diets are the best options to eliminate excessive toxins from the body .Organic diet consists of consumption of raw fruits and vegetables and also elimination of salt and sugar from the diet.It is very helpful in cleansing the body.
  2. Intake of Luke warm water-Consumption of Luke warm water whole day helps to clear the body and make it free from harmful toxins.It also increases metabolism.
  3. No Meal after 7 P.M – Yes, it may sound tough but it’s indeed very effective.If one stops having any carbohydrate or protein and fat inclined food after 7pm everyday, he/she may loose weight very rapidly.
  4. Don’t Skip Breakfast-Having a proper and nutritious breakfast helps in enhancing the metabolism in the body and hence resulting in weight loss

Along with these sister tips there are other methods too that helps in a safe weight loss program.They are in form of cardio exercise such as-

  1. Swimming– Swimming involves most of the muscles of the body and directly attacks the fat and thus boosts weight loss.
  2. Cycling- Cycling is a fun based cardio exercise which leads to weight loss and also along with that it tones up the body.
  3. Rope Skipping-It is a very effective and convenient way to cut off the excessive fat.
  4. Dance Routines-High intensity dance can also fasten up the intensity of weight loss.Some such dance forms are aerobics,yogic dances,zumba etc.

 Other than this, meditation should be a mandatory part of weight loss program as it helps to keep the stress level away and develops good hormones in the body, thereby helping you ina quick weight loss routine.