Must Have Features for Music Streaming Apps


Remember the time when there were no music apps? No? Neither do we. Music has been part of mobile phones as far as memory goes (not counting the time when ringtones were counted in music). Whenever we have bought a new phone, before anything else, we have transferred music files. But slowly, the place of downloaded music is taken by live music streaming.

As the music industry expanded, the choice of the general public changed with it. With all kinds of music available online and not enough space on our devices, we are attracted more and more towards music streaming with apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, google play, Apple music etc.

According to a recent survey posted on Statista, the following are some of the most liked features in modern music apps that mobile app development companies are building:

  • Variety of music available
  • Low price point
  • The ability to listen on multiple devices
  • Straightforward and sophisticated user interface
  • Ability to find new music
  • The ability to combine your existing music library with your streaming library
  • The ability to stream music on smart home devices (Syncing capability)
  • Curated playlists
  • Artist/Genre/Album exclusive search

Out of these features, the most voted for is, music variety and Low price point, with 81% and 80% votes, respectively.

With that stated, it’s said correctly that there is always room for improvement. Even with the super smart music apps in the market, user expectations seldom cease to exist.

Read on to find out what the four advanced features, which can boost the standards of any music app, manifold.

  1. Identify the music just by holding the device near it.

Apps like Shazam have been doing this job for a very long time now. It identifies the song, the artist and the lyrics, just by holding the device near the music. And we think that it’s time that this was an added feature to the existing live streaming mobile applications.

The audience vote also goes the same.

  1. Allowing video to stream along with the lyrics.

How many times it happens that we have to exit the music library, just to search for the lyrics of the song. Apps like “Genius” stand out in this context for the very same reason that not only do they provide the lyrics along with the music video but also add the trivia behind the making of the songs and artists.

  1. Provide the compatibility with other music applications.

This is one of the most attractive features that can be provided by any music app. For instance, if the user is more comfortable with Spotify or google play but he also wants to use the features (like lyrics video) of another music app. This kind of feature can revolutionize any application in the music industry.

  1. Enable sharing of lyrics via messages.

This is the most innovative feature to have been asked by the audience. Having song lyrics as a part of our conversations is not something new but sharing of lyrics directly from an application can be a fun feature to have.

With this, we look forward to the coming year with all its new innovations in terms of music as well. Hoping for the best, let us see, what 2019 brings.