One OfNature’s Best Remedies: The Kunzea Oil


The KunzeaAmbigua Shrub, also known in many names such as Southern spring flower, Tasmanian spring flower, or Tick bush is quickly being dubbed as Australia’s next essential oil wonder, having so many good effects being recorded on influencing the overall good health of the body. Unlike the equally popular Tea-tree oil, this plant has an aromatic and pleasant smell and not entirely overpowering. KunzeaOIl is a known antiseptic, great for providing relief for skin irritation, and an equally effective topical relief for arthritis pain and muscle sores.

How is It Gathered

The oil is gathered by steam distillation of the leaves and green branches according to kunzea oil suppliers australia and there is no danger in over-harvesting them as these plants are prolific growers. They are also very hardy and no fertilizers are required in growing them. The plant is also actually quite immune to insects as the naturally occurring pesticidal effect is very pronounced on the plant. Kunzeaambigua is usually harvested by hand and distributed from there. This make the plant highly organic as no artificial chemicals or mechanical processes are involved in its procurement.

How It Was Noticed

Early settlers and natives noticed that animals usually rub themselves on the plant or just simply stay under them to get rid of ticks and other parasites that pester them and from there discovered other uses for the plant, particularly relief from pain.

Clinical Studies

Studies indicate antibacterial properties, antiviral, soothing effects for sore joints and muscles, and pain relief from arthritis and rheumatoid pain. Another notable characteristic of the oil is that like citronella, it is effective in repelling most flying insects and parasites, especially mosquitoes. Its antibacterial properties also demonstrate as highly effective against acne breakouts among teenagers. It is also being looked at in being used as a treatment for psoriasis.

A Variety of Uses

In its concentrated essential oil form, Kunzea oil is observed to be of use as respiratory support, relieves congestion, offers relief from sinus blockage caused headaches, brings down inflammation, a relaxant and stress reliever, an insect repellent and muscular aches reliever. When used in aromatherapy, it eases nervous tension, emotional pain, and emotional blockages.


Kunzea oil is majority A Pinene and is really chemically close in properties to tea tree oil, with the exception of having a relatively mild scent and sensation to the skin when applied topically. Aside from the Alpha Pinene it also contains a high level of eucalyptol. This helps it soothe fatigued muscles and helps reduce skin blemishes.

Directions For Use    

When Using Kunzea Oil as a topical solution to be absorbed through the skin, it is best to be mixed with aloe vera jelly and directly apply to the area of the skin you wish to have treatment on. You can also use a diffuser to infuse your home with a relaxing and calming scent.

Final Words

Kunzea oil is highly organic and environmentally friendly even in terms of its production. It is hand harvested and steam distilled. It has been used for centuries by native cultures and it looks like it would be used for many more.