Pick the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India


Today the technology is improved and so is the medical science in India. You can now get the best bone marrow transplant treatment at the best rates in India. There are many good hospitals in India where you can get this done and you will be guided by the professionals there.

Doctors will tell you to do this surgery when your body needs a replacement in the bone marrow which is damaged due to some reason.  In this process the working marrow will be replaced in the place of a damaged one. There will be generation of working blood cells by the new cells in your body. The transplant is a complicated one and only experts can do it. There are many Best Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India where you can get this done by the experts. In India the costs for this transplant is very affordable and reasonable too. Major parts in India have this facility. You can expect best quality treatment at this place.

Firstly we need to understand what the bone marrow is and how and why that is transplanted. This is a soft tissue that is placed in the body. There are some primary cells in the body those then become the blood cells. There are three method in which the transplant is done.

Autologous bone marrow transplant.

In this method there is a radiation process and before the process some stem cells will be replaced. After this the stem cells will be kept in the cold storage. Then again the cells will be added in your body. This is a complex process and only experts can do this thing. You need to get this done from an expert from Best Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India.

Allogeneic bone marrow transplant.

In this process a cell donor is involved. From this body the cells will be taken out and they will be added to the body of the patient. If you want to get this done, the genes of the both persons should be matching at least half per cent. From the test you will understand the percentage. Relatives can be good matching.

Umbilical cord blood transplant.

In this transplant stem cells are removed out of the umbilical cord of a new born baby just after the baby is born. Then these cells will be stored in the refrigerator and matching is not necessary.

 Donor stem cells collection will be performed in these manners

Bone marrow harvest.

In this case the patient will be given normal anaesthesia. Then the bone marrow will be removed.


In the basic phase the donor will be provided with some days shot so that the stem cells can be replaced from the donor’s body. A department of the white blood cells is the separated with help of a machine and later on replacement will be done. The donors will then receive their red blood cells.

 This transplant is now possible in simple way in India. Get it done to the best place by the best doctors.