Regaining Lost Confidence with Bilateral Mastectomy Procedure


Breast Cancer upsets most of the women as they do not like to get social and do not cling much with the crowd because of their surgeries and scars that are present on their body with simple surgeries. This lowers down their self-esteem as they feel that they cannot wear modern dresses and the people starts losing interest in them especially their partner. However, the changing technology and innovative techniques offer modernized bilateral mastectomy in Los Angeles that has helped most of the women to regain confidence.

Building Self-Esteem with Bilateral Mastectomy

The traditional operations use to leave a deep scar on the chest of the women if the breast cancer was found and this really uses to lead many women to depression. They lose their confidence and this uses to lower their self-esteem. The innovative operative technique bilateral mastectomy is making a huge difference in the lives of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

The bilateral mastectomy in Los Angeles helps the women to regain their confidence after the surgery. Bilateral Mastectomy is the process in which the breast tissue is removed from the breast for the treatment of cancer. This procedure provides great cosmetic results that help in preserving the femininity of the women. The widely chosen procedure is Nipple Sparing Mastectomy in which the nipple and the areola are spared and for the surgery, a small augmentation scar is made under the folds of the breast tissue. This helps in preserving the feminine look of the women and they do not lose the confidence.

How does Breast Reconstruction Help?

Breast reconstruction helps the women in dealing with post-operative procedures and reconstructing the breast. With the bilateral mastectomy in Los Angeles, women are opting for this technique as this helps them to lead a normal life. They can be the part of social and public gatherings without any glitch. The breast reconstruction, Nipple Sparing Mastectomy and Skin Sparing Mastectomy help the women with breast cancer symptoms.

The women have the symptoms persisting in the nipples and areola with the help of Nipple Sparing Mastectomy will not get incision under the breast layer. If the woman is having cancerous cells in the nipple then the doctors get the nipple and areola removed in order to stop the spreading of cancer to other parts of the breast. In this, Skin Sparing Mastectomy helps in saving the breast of the women.

Even women can shop for the Mastectomy bras from the shops that will help them to wear their dresses in a comfortable manner. This will also ease their breasts as these bras have opening and closing of the hooks in the front that provides comfort to the patients. It is advisable for the patients to get a slightly large bra size in order to avoid any kind of chest pain or pain to the operated part of the breast.

From above it can be seen that with the help of bilateral mastectomy, the women can get their confidence back and this will help in raising their self-esteem. The most important thing is that the patients should keep proper post-operative healthcare for long and relaxed life.

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