Scarless Skin Surgery: Is It Possible? This is what you need to know


When someone thinks of plastic surgery, one could have thought of knives and blood spilling around the whole operation room. But thanks to modern medicine, it is now possible to have a scar less and incision-free skin surgery. It means that your body will no longer suffer from post-procedure scars. Research and studies have been conducted to make this possible. Confidence and self-esteem of those who went under surgery will boost up like no other. People will no longer be afraid of getting plastic surgery because of these new developments Scar less surgeries are also very beneficial to those who are suffering from skin cancer. It can become a medicine breakthrough that everyone can be excited about.

Intrigued by this concept? Below are some of the things that you have to know about scar less skin surgery.

How does scar less skin surgery work?

For many years, people have dreamed of getting through plastic surgery without those unnecessary scars. Those scars can be a real kill joy to those who just underwent such important operation. But thankfully, there are new findings that promises a pain free and scar free surgery that anyone can tolerate.

How does it work? Myofibroblasts or those cells that can be found around the wound can be turned into fat cells. It was uneasy to do this at first but through research, it was found that surgeons can manipulate those cells into skin regeneration rather than wounds. Those cells can actually improve the skin around the wound. No more lasers and gels and creams. We no longer have to worry when those post surgery scars will be gone. The dream of those patients who want to undergo the scar less skin surgery can become amazing.

Skin cancer scar less removal: The future of medicine

How can scar less skin surgery affect those who have skin cancer? Treatment of skin cancer always involve surgery. Normally handled by a dermatologist, these procedures can cause scars. Fortunately, there’s a new technology that uses small amount of radiotherapy energy to eliminate the skin cancer. It is a safe and painless treatment that only takes a few seconds or minutes to perform; the treatment goes no deeper than the thickness of the skin. This can help improve the post-procedure skin and help cancer patients get their former skin back. During these treatment sessions and procedures, the skin cancer is destroyed by the radiotherapy while the other surrounding skin cells are not destroyed. Normal skin cells are able to repair themselves following the treatment. Meanwhile the skin cancer has the small power ability to repair itself and is simply eliminated.

All about benefits: Importance of scar less skin surgery

Having scars in your body after an operation or surgery can be traumatic to some. Of course, having a scar less surgery can bring back the much needed confidence that a patient would want or need. It can give them a boost that will complete be important to their transformation.

Cancer survivors can also feel empowerment using scar less surgery. It means that the mark of their suffering and pain is gone and can no longer haunt them. It can be very helpful to those skin cancer survivors who would want a new lease in life.

Those who have underwent severe weight loss can also be benefitted from the scar less skin surgery. Those who have excess skin from weight loss can complete their makeover because there will be no scars that can haunt them about their weight loss journey.