Seeking the Best Delray rehab


There are clinics across the country which can assist with drug addiction, in particular the recovery from these painful addictions.  The process is not easy and is often helped by the use of prescription medications.  These drugs are designed to counteract the symptoms of withdrawal; by this method you will be able to stop a dependence on the drug.  However, it is possible to develop a dependency on the prescription drugs instead!

There are several clinics to choose from in Delray, to find the best Delray rehab clinic you will need to study each of them and assess their customer care and treatment programs.

The Treatment Program

Heroin withdrawal has, for a long time, been assisted by the use of methadone.  However, the high quantity of patients who have become addicted to methadone instead has led to the development of a new drug.  Suboxone has been tried and tested and is now the preferred option by many clinic s to help heroin addicts release their dependency on the drug.

This is still an addictive substance.  However, it is not capable of producing the same high as heroin or another drug which people have become addicted to.  This means that it is more of a risk to people who have only experienced occasion drug use.  For these people Suboxone can be a highly addictive substance.  In this respect it is similar to methadone.

How long does Suboxone Stay in your System?

Suboxone can stay in your body for as long as eight days!  This is a definite downside to Suboxone if you start to become addicted to it.  For assistance with heroin withdrawal it can be extremely beneficial as one dose can counteract the effects of heroin for an extended period of time.  This makes it easier for anyone using it to assist in the withdrawal process as they can quickly overcome the effects of the original addiction.

The length of time Suboxone will actually stay in your body is dependent upon the amount of body fat you have and your age, along with your weight and even your height.  The reason why it takes so long to exit your body is that it is a complex, semi-synthetic drug.  It is difficult for the enzymes in your liver to break this drug down and the extended period of time this takes is why it remains in your body.

Using a Delray rehab Clinic

Once you or your loved one admits to having a drug addiction it will be time to find the right clinic for your treatment.  The best ones to look for whether a Delray rehab clinic or elsewhere are those which use these types of drugs to slowly reduce your dependency.  These drugs will mean that the withdrawal process takes longer but it is safer.

Withdrawing without the assistance of drugs can be dangerous as there are a variety of issues that can develop.  Some of these will need medical assistance and some will be life threatening.  It is best to use an approved Delray rehab clinic and ensure your recovery is permanent.