Significance of Ayurveda: India as the largest exporter of Ayurveda medicines & Benefits


India, along with its precious wealth of 6,600 medicinal and herbal plants has become the world’s largest exporter of Ayurveda medicines and herbs in the world. Not just we excel in pure herbs but a lot of subsidiary products manufactured from herbs include herbal skin care products, herbal oral products, herbal ingredients and a wide array of variety. Medicinal plants in India play a crucial role in the lives of rural people with its health benefits. 48 species of the medicinal plants grow in India has been extensively exported to the world in massive distribution.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), India’s contribution to the international market of herbs is around $6.2 billion. Increase in the demand for herbs and medicinal plants also have increased the growth in agriculture of such crops. We can see the growing numbers of AYUSH wellness centres in the different part of countries as well. India is also the largest supplier of AYUSH products where for last few years the AYUSH Infrastructure is integrated into the Indian healthcare system.

As per the Indian herbal market in 2017, it has been reported to be valued at Rs. 5000 crore where it sees the annual growth rate of 14%. Now, one can find more than 30,000 branded AYUSH products along with around 1,500 of traditional ones. Ken Research has also acclaimed India as the largest exporter of herbs, Ayurveda and medicinal plants developing a huge market in Europe, Japan, China, America and a lot of developed or developing countries.

The synthetic allopathic medicines are like always is largely consumed, especially at the chronic or serious illness. So, we can see the Allopathic medicines giving a tough competition to Ayurveda or AYUSH products and medicines. AYUSH and herbal medicines are required to assure the similar level of quality as of the allopathic or chemical-based products. Whereas chemical based products are using herbal and Ayurveda elements in the marketing to get consumer’s confidence. It’s a long way from both sides after all but India still leads in the export of herbal market.

Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda gets to strengthen your immune system because your body is able to eliminate toxins that could be harming your entire body. Ayurveda is very useful in treating chronic metabolic and stressful problems. Thus Ayurveda is extremely effective and thoroughly beneficial. Ayurveda has many advantages, and it can be challenging to list all of them here. Apart from strengthening your immune system, Ayurveda also assists in providing you the balance that you will need.

Ayurveda isn’t just the physical treatment of the human body, but is the comprehensive renewal of body, mind and soul. Ayurveda states, wholesome living style and healthful diet plan and normal exercise is essential as a way to keep the healthful body. You may not even need any supplement or additional nutrient but still if you do need, only few of online health supplement stores like Bumino provide authentic and reliable supplements.

The ayurvedic treatment is targeted at rejuvenating the body to not just balance glucose levels, but also ensuring that no additional complication is caused. It can be used safely and effectively in the management of porphyria. Ayurvedic treatment are supposed to be taken regularly for a certain lengths of time, say months depending on the seriousness of disease or problem and also its complexity.