Suffering From Insomnia? How Melatonin Can Help You


In laymen’s language, melatonin is the nigh hormone or the hormone which get produced in our body in low light. There is no need of any trigger for stimulating the nervous system because this hormone get ultimately secreted in the human body in the dim light or complete darkness. Most of the people say that they can sleep only in darkness. It is true because the hormone will only be secreted in the low light or complete dark. The melatonin induces drowsiness, then sleep in the individuals, and is the natural hormone, which occurs in everybody’s body.

How the melatonin gets produced

The melatonin is the hormone, which is secreted by the pineal gland, which is located in the brain. It was first discovered since 60 years back. Melatonin hormone helps in the treatment of sleeping disorder or insomnia. Melatonin production lowers with the increasing age. As the melatonin production gets naturally in the body, is on the top after the 2:00am, and decreases after 4:00am.

Melatonin and odd working hours

The people who work in night or if their job requires awakening during nighttime then their melatonin will be produced at that time also but their body triggers the mind for awakening. The increased level of melatonin makes the people feel drowsy and sleepy. That is the reason due to which the people speak that it is not possible to sleep in the daytime but they don’t know the actual reason behind this and the reason is melatonin.

People vary in the pattern of disturbed sleep such as some people suffer from the disturbed sleep or totally absence of sleep while some people do not get the regular or continuous sleep. But there is nothing a surprise factor in this because most of the people who suffers from the decreased sleep is due to reduction of the melatonin and the stores of melatonin get further disturbed with the increasing age.

Apart from the sleep, the melatonin helps to safeguard the life of the people from the cancer. One can get rid of the diseases like Alzheimer disease and migraine issues with the usage of melatonin. Once the melatonin stores get deplete, the risk of suffering from the diseases like Alzheimer disease and migraine gets increase. In simple words, the proper stores of melatonin not only help in inducing the sleep but also support the immune system as well as nervous system of the body.

Melatonin treats the insomnia

The insomnia is the reason of decreased productivity of people in daytime. Sometimes the melatonin gets ultimately decreased in the body while in some people, the melatonin get reduced due to certain diseases. As the decreased melatonin secretion in the body leads to the disturbed sleeping pattern, one can have this in the form of supplements like melatonina and in this way; one can get rid of improper sleep. Most of the people get the normal sleeping pattern with the supplements and these supplements do not have any side effects to the body. Sometimes the people find side effects because of the over dosage, so avoid abusing the melatonin.