Summer Workout Gear to Help You Keep Your Cool


Summer is the perfect time to move your workouts outdoors, and enjoy fresh air while breaking a sweat. However, training in the hot weather and under the blazing sun requires a little bit more protection than the workouts at the gym do. Therefore, we’ve made a little list of essentials that’ll help you have an effective and comfortable workout, no matter how high the temperatures might be this summer.

Water bottle

You should always have a bottle of water near you while you’re exercising, to compensate for the amount of sweat that leaves your body. This is especially important when you’re working out during summer because the heat will cause your body to dehydrate more quickly. This is why a trusty water bottle is an essential part of your summer workout gear. The one with a leak-proof lid and a one-handed push up button operation will be a great companion to your training, allowing you to refresh your body without any interruption to your exercises.

Skin wipes

The warmer the temperatures, the more you’ll sweat. The more you sweat the oilier your skin will be, which consequently can lead to clogged pores. This is a problem that can further one lead to breakouts and problematic skin, so if you want to prevent all those pesky skin issues, pick a pack of skin wipes. Don’t wait 15-20 minutes to go home and shower, but bring some skin wipes with you to your workout session, and wipe your face immediately after you’re done with your training. Wipes with salicylic acid are the best choice because they decrease inflammation, degrease the skin, and keep follicles open, thus preventing any acne from popping out.

Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing is essential if you want your workout to be effective, so make sure you invest in quality fabrics that will keep you cool. Get a pair of comfortable Capri workout pants that will make your workout effective and enjoyable. Look for tops in desired shirt length to protect your shoulders, chest, and back from the sun. Workout clothing designed with UPF protection is a good choice, because it’ll prevent any sunburns, even if you haven’t slathered on a sunscreen before workout.

Breathable footwear

Aside from keeping your body cool, you should also make sure your feet aren’t sweating. If they get too hot, you can end up with various problems, such as odours or fungus, which are not so easy to get rid of. Therefore, make sure you invest in a breathable pair of training shoes, to prevent your feet from overheating, regardless of the exercise you’re doing.

Dry shampoo

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to wash your hair between your workout and your next errand, and this is where a dry shampoo jumps in as a perfect problem solver. If all you need is a light blowout to add some volume to your post-workout hairstyle, then a dry-shampoo spray is the product to go for, because it’ll make your hair look like it’s just been blow dried. However, if your scalp tends to become too oily, you need to switch to a paste formulation, which will absorb any extra grease while working with the naturally piecey texture of dirty hair, offering you a stunning finish.

Cooling towel

Cooling down with a moist towel around your neck or temple is one of the best ways to refresh after a strenuous workout. That’s why you need to get one of those cooling towels that instantly cools once it meets water or sweat. This will be a great addition to your workout gear, offering you at least two hours of cooling effects. The best thing is that it’s chemical-free and you can use it over and over again during the entire summer.

Sport sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is essential when working out outdoors, so make sure you invest in a high-quality sunblock that’ll prevent any potential sunburns. The sweat- and water-resistant formulas are the best to use, since you won’t feel like you’re melting under all those layers of cream, and it won’t cause breakouts.


Keeping the hair out of your face and the sweat out of your hair will make the workout much more comfortable. Therefore, make sure you get a headband made of breathable fabrics that’ll wick away moisture and prevent odours. You can choose from an array of colours and pick the one that best goes with any outfit. Furthermore, it’s important that you protect your eyes from the sun and prevent squinting, so think about wearing a visor. Sunglasses are also a good option, but they can slip down because of all the sweat, so it would be better if you opted for a visor. Furthermore, a lightweight, breathable hat is another good protection from the sun that’ll keep both your face and your head protected from the heat.

Final thoughts

Summer workouts can be challenging, but with a few essential items, you can make it a true delight. As long as you have your water bottle with you, comfortable workout clothing, skin wipes, a dry shampoo, breathable footwear, a cooling towel, a sunblock and a protective headgear, you won’t have any problem working out outdoors during hot summer months.