The Best Vaporizer Features Available Today


It’s only in recent years that vaporizing cannabis really became a popular habit shared by populations across the world. While it’s unlikely that pot enthusiasts will ever give up their joints, pipes and bongs entirely for a life composed purely of vaporizing to get lifted, it’s good that it’s getting more and more popular, and many people are at least cutting back on the smoke and opting for vapor instead in some situations. There are so many health benefits that come with vaping and maybe some people out there are aware of these facts, but simply don’t even know where to begin when looking for the best vaporizer to suit their wants and needs. That’s a highly subjective matter because different models focus on different aspects, but there are a few key elements which you should be looking for if quality is an important factor for you.

First of all, the type of material the heating chamber is made with. Glass, ceramic, even zirconia see a lot of use because they are not very porous at all and therefore won’t interfere with flavor when heated, and won’t absorb residues too much, so they’re easier to clean too. A lot of cheaper model might instead go for titanium or other kinds of metal, and this is quite likely to provide a very strange addition to the taste of the vapor. Still, if you’re not too concerned with your taste buds then maybe an inexpensive option could still be good for you regardless.

Secondly, temperature control. This is something only hardcore vape enthusiasts will really care about, but even for newcomers this might be an attractive feature to help welcome them into the world of vapes. The best vaporizers out there usually give the user the ability to set the temperature to whatever they like, usually between 320 and 420 degrees celsius, give or take. This is useful because different temperature render different terpenes and cannabinoids into vapor, so a personalized vaping experience can be achieved with different temperatures for different strains.

There’s a whole lot more to consider when searching for the best vaporizer for you, but here’s a good start on which design features are important. Take a look online or go ask some questions at your local head or vape shop, and you’ll see that vaping can be as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be.