The biggest health and fitness trends of 2018


Ever year there are new and exciting fitness and diet trends to explore and see what might fit us perfectly. With so many to choose from we are spoilt for choice with activities, free workouts and cool new meal recipes literally at our finger tips. Although this is undoubtedly amazing and we are so blessed to have this kind of opportunity, it can also be as overwhelming as a big cash win at Easy Slots which is why we have cut through some of the noise to bring you the hottest trends for 2018.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

This health trend bounced into the mainstream last year and it has gained momentum and looks like it is set to stay. Celebrity proponents of the diet like Joe Rogan and Terry Crews, credit it with changing their lives, giving them more energy and making them feel amazing. So, what does it involve I hear you ask? This version of fasting is much easier than starving yourself for days on end as it only requires a 16-hour period of zero food. We know that may sound like a lot but when you include the time you are asleep, it isn’t actually that challenge, with an 8-hour window to get your food for the day in. This process encourages your body to metabolise fat and will leave you more energetic and bright as the body takes a break from constant digestion.

  1. Boxing

Boxing has really jumped onto the scene as one of the coolest new ways to keep fit. Women in particular have felt drawn to the kick-ass action, and addictive adrenaline release of attacking the bag. There is something that makes you feel super badass when boxing and new classes and studios dedicated to the sport have sprung up everywhere. There are also full boxer training classes featuring boxer training circuits including bag work, treadmill and skipping. That makes us sweaty just thinking about it. The amount of energy you burn off with this exercise will definitely earn you a few hours of slouching out on the sofa looking for the best welcome bonus to use on a casino.

  1. Live Stream Class Workouts

Time is one of the most precious commodities we have and anything that helps us save more time to spend on other activities, is usually pretty successful. There have been reports of companies and gyms beginning to offer their fitness classes live, so you can join along at home and feel more pressure to keep up as the class is in real time. 

  1. Upgraded Workout Tech

As we become more and more conscious of our health and fitness as a society, there has been a huge explosion in technology that can aid our performance while we train. Due to the popularity of such tech, big companies have weighed in, trying to out-do each other and the results are some pretty cool gismos and gadgets. There are watches tracking our heartrate and performance, to personal DNA testing kits and cool new earphones for the best running experience.

If you are a health and fitness freak, 2018 has loads of fun surprises ins tore for you.