The Health Benefits of Legal Cannabis


Cannabis has sparked a pretty heated debate among individuals and government organizations throughout the years, but the National Institute of Health confirms that there are some medical benefits to using cannabis.

The main reason for this is because there are two active components in marijuana that can be used medically, according to researchers: CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.  CDB makes changes to the brain without providing a “high”, and THC which is responsible for the high people feel when they smoke marijuana, has pain-relieving properties.  There is substantial evidence to prove that there are certain medical benefits.  However, there are some benefits that need to be studied further.

Cannabis has been around for hundreds of years and some people believe the plant has origins in Central Asia.  These days, people all over the world take cannabis in a variety of forms for the same main reason: they feel better when using it.

Human beings have cannabinoid receptors that live inside the body and are ready to connect with the cannabinoids in marijuana.  This is what allows us to enjoy the benefits of this natural remedy.  The receptors are in the body before birth and some cannabinoids are present in breast milk, which means that babies are getting more of these receptors if they nurse regularly.

Marijuana is used by some to manage pain, especially chronic pain.  According to The Spine Journal, doctors prescribe marijuana to patients often.  The journal also confirmed that 1 of 5 patients at a spine center in Colorado were managing their pain with cannabis, and 90% of those patients say that cannabis use reduced their pain either moderately or greatly.  More research is needed to understand the way that cannabis treats back pain, since the substance can also cure neurotic pain.  Chronic pain is classified as any pain that is prevalent for 12 weeks or more, and can sometimes go on for months or even years.

There is also a growing amount of research that will tell us about the health risks of marijuana, which is why the substance is so controversial.  All use of marijuana is not exactly harmless, and there is even proof that people who use marijuana regularly have issues like learning difficulties, slower processing speed and impaired memory.  This is especially true for people who started using marijuana regularly in their late teenage years, since this is the time when the brain is undergoing significant development.

Scientists do say that marijuana research is still limited in some regards, which means there are still lots of questions about the medical properties of cannabis.  There are over 60 chemical in cannabinoids, which are part of the 400 chemical compounds in marijuana.  Many of these compounds can improve human health, but more research is necessary to know how to make good use of them.  There are a number of ways to take cannabis (i.e. inhalation, oil, vaping, using cannabis in foods), so it is best to ask a doctor about the best ways to use cannabis depending on your health concerns.