Tips to remove muscle soreness after swimming


How does it feel when you spend a whole day in the swimming pool? Every joint may ache, to the point where you can’t even sit comfortably. Muscle soreness is one of the effects of serious exercise, such as swimming, working in the gym or another vigorous activity. That is why you must have effective ways of relieving your muscles from sorenessto ensure you’re able to perform well.

Move more

Yes, after vigorous exercise, you’re probably tired.  Don’t give into the temptation yet, perform slight and gentle stretches. Allow the blood to flow in the sole muscles through walking around; move upstairs, downstairs, go round the neighborhood. You could also try raising your arms over your head as you breathe deeply.

Try some massage

You can try DIY techniques to massage the affected muscles using a cream such as fisiocrem. This cream contains active plant extracts and is used for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. This great remedy is also plant-based.Massage prompts blood flow through body tissues – replenishing them.


Before you relax in that recliner, try stretching your muscles so that they don’t stiffen. This helps them to become more flexible and pliable. Recovery is speeded when oxygen flows through the muscles. You could try yoga, Pilates or just mere stretches, whichever you prefer will help relieve muscle soreness. Research has shown that there are receptors in the muscles, which help in improving your mood. Thus, the more you do the exercises on a regular basis, the more you improve your mood.

Take in a lot of water

To ensure that your muscles function properly, you must hydrate! With enough water in the body tissues, the muscles are able to repair themselves. Again, you need to keep off caffeine and alcohol, substances that lead to dehydration.

Eat protein-rich foods

After swimming, you are most likely hungry, as you’ve depleted all your availableenergy. The muscles are craving protein. Choose some natural protein especially from vegetables and white meat.  This will give the tissues the required diet to heal and resume normalcy. Avoid red meat as much as possible; red meat is full of cholesterol, which could be harmful to your body.

Try a warm bath

Muscle relief can be cured by soaking in a tub. Warm water eases the stiff muscles and helps you to relax after a bath, sleep and awake refreshed. Get some cold and hot water and try alternating the temperature every few minutes. This is a perfect way of opening the blood vessels even more.

Ease back

Using a muscle relief cream such as fisiocrem is an excellent remedy to muscle pain caused by swimming.  Alternatively, by resuming the program immediately, you can prevent further muscle soreness after swimming.

Swimming is one of the best exercises and highly recommended because of its effectiveness. However, just like any other exercise, your muscles develop some soreness, which needs relief.