Tips to Use Paytm Wallet Safely


Paytm is now become the largest ecommerce website in India and there are more than 150 million people are using this website and smartphone application to transfer their money and bill payments. Being India’s most popular and successful digital payment gateway, Paytm offers so many attractive discount codes and cash back in purchase or bill payment through this platform. If you are a tech savvy people and love to use Paytm then you already know the helpful facilities of Paytm but if you are a new user of Paytm Wallet then this article can help you a lot.

If you have any transaction issues or any confusion about your money and payment then you can search out for Paytm customer care number and email ids to talk with the officials but if you want to learn how to use it properly then just go through this article and make your life easy with Paytm wallet. So, let’s have a quick look at the points and steps.

Paytm is an online digital payments ecommerce platform that allows transferring your money into the integrated wallet via online banking, credit card or debit card even by depositing cash via select bank accounts. By using the money of your Paytm wallet you can easily go cashless which means you can shop, buy pay without any cash.

How to Use Paytm Wallet:

These are the steps about how you can use Paytm wallet for cash-free transaction.

  1. First, set up your Paytm account by using your mobile phone number and email address
  2. Use your net banking to add some money to your Paytm Wallet through debit card or credit card.
  3. Now you have to select ‘Pay or Send’ option to transfer money to someone else’s account
  4. You need to scan QR code to make payment to other Paytm wallet or bank account.
  5. You can also send money to another Paytm user through his or her phone number.

Tips to use Paytm for offline

You can make cash-free transaction using Paytm even offline (without internet connection). If any retailer accepts Paytm as a mode of your transaction, you can use you QR codes, along with the One-Time Password (OTP) to pay them. You need to open the app, select the ‘Pay or Send’ option, and choose between QR code or bar codes (provided in two separate tabs). Just scan the code and enter the OTP to authorize the payment offline. This feature can be especially useful right now, when the whole country is facing a cash crunch and internet connectivity is still not good enough to facilitate online transactions.

So friends, there are the most easy and simple steps to use Paytm wallet by you own. There is nothing tough in digital world and Paytm make it true with its millions of users. Try it by yourself and make your life hassle-free by using this new technology.