Top Vape Pen Ratings


There are many details you have to consider when buying an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. They are still being upgraded, but when we compare them with the older versions, much has been done and most of the models are high quality. This also makes it difficult to pick one, and in the end, it usually ends up by picking it by design.

Before you get a vape just because it looks cool, you must know the difference in types of vaporizers because it may not fit you in the long-term. Even if the price is higher it doesn’t mean you will like it, it depends on how much you smoke and some other details. There are many vape pen reviews you can check online with the user experience.

Type of vape pens

Like the name says, vape pens look like a pen and they come in different styles. The other type of vaporizer, cig-a-like is smaller and have lower battery life and cloud production. They were considered as innovative in the beginning, when mods still haven’t been out, and users wanted to get their hands on it from the start. Technology is growing fast, and vaporizers are becoming more popular as the industry grows. You now have marijuana vaporizers that had a big positive impact on the business.

When vape pens were first patented, they were all considered as fix voltage electronic cigarettes. This means that the voltage output is consistent. There was only one option, and that was to push the button and smoke without going through any settings.

The fewer features it has the cheaper it will be, so you now have something called variable voltage and variable temperature. The size also depends on how much settings it has, but some, more expensive, are small, compact, and have all the features you need. It basically means that you can control the temperature and how strong it will be. Depending on the tank and the type of heating you can have dry herb pens, e-liquid, or wax.

Halo Triton II

This model is among top rated on the internet for beginners, but also some experienced users are also recommending it. The price is great for the quality you get, and it goes around $40. You will get additional replacement parts in the kit.

In the kit, you will get two batteries and two tanks. The coils hold 0.75 ohms and you will have three in the pack. Because the device is small, the battery has 700mAh and can last you through the day depending on how much you are using it. You can also get 1.2 or 1.5 coils if you are not satisfied with sub-ohm vaping.


It is one of the first mainstream devices to really utilize salt nicotine which is very smooth yet satisfying form of nicotine. When it first hit the market it was definitely a revolutionary device, but other companies started to create similar products. It had some minor changes through time, but the feeling you have when you are using it is the same.

The only bad thing about it is the pods you have to replace that can hold up to 0.7 milliliters. The price for 4 is around $24 which is high when you compare to 60ml tubes used at refillable vape pens that cost around $40. But, the price with the kit is around $50 which is great because of the overall experience.

Kandypens MIVA

When we talk about dry herb vape pens, there is much to consider because the way of using it and the frequency is different than regular vaporizers. KandyPens made some of the best products and MIVA model is made to be more pleasant to the user than focusing on the design. Read more on this link.

It doesn’t look like a regular pen and that’s because of the 2200mAh battery which can produce temperature up to 435 F. It has an OLED display where you can customize it and a ceramic chamber. It also has conduction and convection heating styles, so you can choose which one suits you the best. With these options, you will have a great taste and you will enjoy it from the start.