What to know to rent a car at Chicago airport


See this renting car guide in case you’re in Chicago airport. The United States is a destination to be known by car as it has several tourist cities that are very close to each other. In this way, knowing what it takes, how the American car rental system works and how and where to rent a vehicle over there becomes essential. Get to know the best car rental companies, models, vehicle insurance tips at the time of booking your, GPS rental suggestion and incredible price comparators, which will make you find the lowest price in the best companies.


The minimum age for renting a car in the United States is 21 years, although this may vary by category of vehicle. It is also necessary that the driver has had a driving license for at least one year. Depending on the local company and the category of the vehicle, drivers under the age of 25 are still subject to the payment of an additional “additional driver” charge, paid locally. The use of a seat belt is mandatory for both the driver and passengers.

Speed ​​Limits

Each state defines its own speed limits, but in general the following speed limits can be observed.

    Urban areas: 40 km / h
    Secondary roads: 90 – 100 km / h
    Motorways: 122 km / h

Car rental at Chicago airport

And if you’re planning to travel there, be sure to also check out the must-see tips on how to save money in Chicago and save lots of money on your trip. They are worthwhile tips and incredible price comparators that will save you a lot on everything, getting the best prices, huge savings and a much cheaper trip. Now see all about car rentals at Chicago airport.

Should I rent a car at the Chicago airport?

Car rental in Chicago may or may not be a great option but this factor depends a lot on the type of your trip. For those who want to know more cities and travel the roads, which are excellent and have beautiful landscapes, it is a great option. The drive there is an incredible experience and the price to rent a vehicle is one of the smallest of all American cities. Many people make car tours on their trip, including Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York, for example. For those who want to explore the United States, the sights of Chicago and shopping, this is the best way to enjoy the trip.

Documents required for car rental

What documents do I need to rent a car in Chicago? When you arrive at the rental car, you only need to have your driver’s license and passport. No need to take an international driver’s license nor translate your license to rent a car in Chicago or any other American city. Note that the rental companies also require an international credit card to register if there is a problem.

Car Rental Insurance at Chicago Airport

An important tip when renting a car in Chicago is insurance. Be sure to make the basic insurance cover for car knocks and if the car is stolen. It is important for you to have no headache and no damage on your trip. On the other hand, stay tuned, because when renting the car over the internet, you will hire this insurance, which is already included in most budgets. Arriving at the car rental store, they may try to offer you another extra insurance, which covers against any damages such as broken glass and scratches on the car, but the value of this option is high, and in our opinion, does not compensate. Know that the rental companies there may insist a lot, but be firm and not accepted.

How to rent a car at Chicago airport for an unbeatable price?

If you want to make the car rental with the lowest price, our first tip is to carry out the whole process as far in advance as possible. The sooner you make the reservation of your car, the cheaper it will pay. If they leave later, they will have few cars available, prices will be higher and you run the risk of not getting the model you wanted. Another tip is to search well at all Chicago car rental companies, as prices vary widely and sometimes some rental companies make great deals. Another important tip to save money is to make the reservation always on behalf of someone over 25, as companies charge an extra fee, which is very expensive, for those who are less than this age.