What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Wedding Flowers


For a wedding to feel complete, it must have flowers. It is every bride’s dream for her wedding to be remembered by herself and the people she loves, and her choice of flowers not only reflect on her taste but also on her personality. The right choice of flowers complements the theme of the wedding and adds flavor to this important day in two people’s lives, and this is what you should bear in mind when selecting flowers for the occasion.

It is all about your choices!

It’s your personal choice that is reflected on this day, and this is why there is no right or wrong decisions. It just has to suit the theme of the day and work with your budget. There are some simple keys once can bear in mind while ordering flowers, be it ordering flowers online or at the store. The fewer the flowers, the louder they speak, flowers are a dash of color and each of them has character. They shouldn’t be used in unnecessarily large numbers as they work as the mental peace over other already beautiful aspects of the wedding. Also the florist you find if you’re using one should share your vision because no one knows more about how this day should go than you.

Pay attention to the flowers

If you do not already have a set idea about what type of flowers you want to buy you should start looking through bridal magazines, books and maybe even gardening books, but all this while paying attention to flowers. You can also walk around your nearby botanical garden or greenhouse so that you can get a real feel of what each flower feels like or appears. If you still are confused then remember you can never go wrong with the classic wedding flowers: roses, peony, lilies, hydrangea, and orchids; all these are easily available and for a hassle-free experience, go for online wedding flowers.

Budget planning

Work out your budget so that the flowers sync in with everything else, have your flower arrangements realistic but also not undone. While working on your budget, it may be helpful to keep a “must have” list. If there are some flowers that you know you want to keep them as a priority so that if you find yourself having to remove flowers from your list to accommodate other things, you know which ones will be asked.  Also, remember the more budgeted your flower arrangements get, the more creative you should get with it, never undervalue creativity.

Color schemes are important too!

You should put thought into what color you would like your floral design to be, as it should be made to complement the bridal gown, the wedding theme as well as the rest of the bridal party’s clothing. You should also put thought into where the flowers go as it should contend with the area as well, will it be in a room, an outdoor area or a marquee.

Seasons affect the choices too

It may also help to give thought to which season your wedding falls in, it not only complements the atmosphere on the day but also can reduce costs and complexities if non-seasonal flowers are avoided. Online wedding flowers like market flowers have both these ranges of flowers, and if you’re looking for something unorthodox online wedding flowers may help you here as they can be transported from different sides of the world. This may help you if you’re thinking about selecting your flowers according to the season: Spring flowers include daffodils, orchids, lilies, and amaryllis. Summer flowers are carnations, magnolia, roses, sunflowers and many more. Autumn comes with aster, daisies, hydrangea and such. Finally, winter is gifted with camellia, iris, pansies, and tulips.

Bouquets are an essential

You should also put deep thought into the bouquets. This will be carried by the bride through the ceremony so it should be thoughtfully done. The bride’s bouquet should be the largest and the most captivating bouquet at the whole function. The color can vary, white used to be a favorite, but now many brides have personalized their wedding to their heart’s content. The bouquets may vary from lights pastes such as pale pink to rich, vibrant color such as fluorescent pink or violet. Just make sure the style of your bouquet and the style of your dress go well together, there are many different kinds of bouquets such as round, sheaf or cascade, so be smart with your choice. The bridal bouquet is the most important; though let’s not forget the bridesmaid’s bouquets as well. They can be a smaller replica of the bridal one, maybe even a different shape but it is advisable to maintain the color theme. So even if you are changing the color from the bridal bouquet try and make it blends with the colors of the bridal one and the overall theme of the wedding ceremony.